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  1. Murat_Cyp

    Caring for carbon blades

    If you buy an applicator the oil will last forever! So do not afraid of spending a couple of pound more on camellia oil.
  2. Murat_Cyp

    Caring for carbon blades

    I use the camellia oil shown on above with applicator (search in google and you will see what I mean) on my carbon kitchen and wood carving knives and it worked great so far.
  3. Murat_Cyp

    Next knife - Recommendations?

    The only thing I can think of ticking all of your requirement boxes is Casstrom No.10 in 14C28N stainless steel. But I am not sure if I would recommend it as I would not buy it myself because of two reasons. Firstly, I do not tend to like any knife with thickness over 3mm, unless it is a...
  4. Murat_Cyp

    Multi-Tools for Bushcraft?

    Leatherman Charge TTi. Been using it for a very long time. Does everything it supposed to do.
  5. Murat_Cyp

    Hello from Nottingham

    Thanks for the warm welcomes and advice guys! It is much appreciated. As a side note. I also was born with a full tang knife between the teeth! I am into knives, so I have more than enough knives and an axe already ;) That is the easy part for me ;)
  6. Murat_Cyp

    Hello from Nottingham

    Hi All, I am a very keen but inexperienced guy from Nottingham. Looking forward to meeting likeminded people to go out and learn from. Currently, I lack private transport and some gear! But can not wait to go out and learn some bushcraft skill. Hopefully, I will complete my gear as soon as...
  7. Murat_Cyp

    Guided sharpening systems - user feedback? Likes, Dislikes?

    I have one of the expensive ones with a full range of state-of-the-art sharpening stones including a full range of Japanese Chosera, CBN resin bonded stones, and CBN loaded strops. I do not think I would be able to sharpen (at least with such precision) if I did not have the system. The less...