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  1. Matt Weir

    Calling all tree geeks

    A friend of mine owns a farm and wants to set a couple of acres aside to grow some crop trees for fuel. The land he has in mind borders a canal and is pretty damp underfoot. The question is what is the ideal species to be looking at? And management plan? Thanks for any input :)
  2. Matt Weir

    WANTED: Air pistol...

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for a pistol for popping ratty. If you have anything I may be interested in please PM me. Regards, Matt.
  3. Matt Weir

    Chickweed Willowherb (epilobium alsinifolium)

    Hi Folks, I have this growing wild in the garden and have searched for uses but to no avail. Does anyone know if this can be used in any way? Regards, Matt.
  4. Matt Weir

    Bison Telt Tundra 8

    LAVVU SOLD Hi All, I'm offering up my Bison Tundra 8 man lavvu for sale. No groundsheet. It has been used twice and is in perfect condition. Offers over £350 are welcome. Buyer to collect, I can meet you half way ;) Click here for more information on the tent Thanks for looking. Matt
  5. Matt Weir

    A Bimble with Greg - AKA Fire Breather - pic heavy

    Met up with Greg over the weekend and took him for a bimble around my woods. He kindly whipped out a stove and brewed up...
  6. Matt Weir

    Pine spider tree...

    Taken today at Formby point...
  7. Matt Weir

    Ash buds in Spring...

  8. Matt Weir

    Bracket fungus

    Thought I'd share a couple of pictures... Any idea on what they are? I'm struggling to ID them :o
  9. Matt Weir

    Grow your own drugs...

    Coming to BBC2 soon. Looks interesting.
  10. Matt Weir

    Fungi Cluster ID

    Hi All, Found these, any idea's?
  11. Matt Weir

    Happy birthday Singeblister

    :beerchug: All the best John :beerchug:
  12. Matt Weir

    Long hair and the care of - in general and out...

    Ladies and lads, In recent months I have let my mane grow. At home I have turned to using a spot of shampoo and conditioner rather than the squirt of shower gel I have traditionally used. This coupled with a scrape of Brillcreme generally keeps the mane in check but I'm looking for advice on...
  13. Matt Weir

    FS: Frosts Mora with wooden handle and leather sheath

    SOLD - thanks
  14. Matt Weir

    Ray Mears - as off topic as you like :)

    Seems no thread that mentions Ray is able to stay on topic of the original thread for very long so I thought I'd start one the can't go off topic no matter how off topic it gets :D So, what about those knifes eh?
  15. Matt Weir

    How to: Use the smiley icons...

    I thought I'd add this quick 'how to' ask I've seen it asked a few times over the years... Anyway, when you click on the reply button the 'smiley' icons should be just below the large text box that you type into. If not then it may be that your settings are wrong. In that case look towards...
  16. Matt Weir

    Wanted: Junior Air Rifle

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a junior air rifle IRO £50. Thanks,
  17. Matt Weir

    For Sale: Bison Telt Woodburning Stove

    SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD I need to raise some funds so that forces the sale of mine. They retail at about £250 plus P&P. Having used mine for one weekend I am asking £200 and that includes P&P. They are a great stove and kick out a lot of heat...
  18. Matt Weir

    24 hour famine charity pledge

    OK, As per this post I'm open for sponsorship to this charity Thanks :)
  19. Matt Weir

    Roadkill pheasant recipe...

    Well last night for my tea I had roast pheasant breast and it was goooood :D I was driving along on Monday when I spotted a cock pheasant at the side of the road so swooped in and grabbed him. The eyes were clear and he was in general good nick and smelled and felt fine apart from a lot of...
  20. Matt Weir

    :funny: New Course For Men...WICO

    WICO (Women In Charge Of Everything) Is proud to announce the opening of its EVENING CLASSES FOR MEN! OPEN TO MEN ONLY ALL ARE WELCOME Note: due to the complexity and level of difficulty, each course will accept a maximum of eight participants The course covers two days, and...