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  1. slammer187

    Lowa Gore-Tex Kody II Boots For Trade

    Here's is a pair of GTX Kody II boots for trade. They are in used but great condition, they have some general wear and some minor scuff marks on the back of the boots but are still fully waterproof and are very comfy! :) I bought these boots for £110 These boots come in a U.K. size 6 so...
  2. slammer187

    My latest knives (Pic Heavy)

    Here are a few of my latest knives that I've made, The blades are made of 01, The scales on the Full Tang Puukko are Maple and the other knife has a Walnut handle...I have been using the Walnut knife and I like it a lot, Which is why the blade is so dirty :) Thanks for looking :)
  3. slammer187

    Amadou, How long to boil it for?

    I have some amadou boiling at the moment with some ash, It's been boiling for about 7 1/2 hours now, how much longer should I boil it for? Cheers, :)
  4. slammer187

    What angle to sharpen at?

    Here's a poll that I think everybody will find interesting, Do you sharpen your knife such as a Mora or Woodlore at a: 10 degree angle on each side to make a 20deg edge, 15deg angle on each side to make a 30deg edge, 20deg angle on each side to make a 40deg edge, 25deg angle on...
  5. slammer187

    Is elder poisonous?

    Is the wood from elder poisonous? Just a question after I heard this on a video from "eat the weeds" Mears uses it as a drinking straw in one of his Country Tracks episodes and I had never heard of and toxicity in the wood before :)
  6. slammer187

    Polycotton Smock, Anorak, to make them?

    Well after looking around on the web I've been looking for a polycotton smock type outer layer to buy and I came across this, They don't seem to be selling them and I don't really want to be spending too much money so I'm...
  7. slammer187

    Making a small axe Just stumbled across this video! Would it be possible to do this in a small forge with no previous forge welding experience?
  8. slammer187

    No electricity forge!

    So I want to make myself a forge but I do not want to use electricity...I have the basic forge design but I need a way of adding air, I tried using a coke bottle with the bottom cut off and then plunging it into water and connecting a tube from the top of the bottle to my forge but it wasn't...
  9. slammer187

    Where to get wood from?

    Well...I live in the suburbs, Had a storage of wood but it all got thrown out :( So heres my question: Where can I get wood from...I can't go out to woodland and harvest it so does anyone have any recommendation I want the wood for knife scales and carving!
  10. slammer187

    Lidl Trangias are back!

    The Lidl Trangia copies are back from Thursday the 29th of april
  11. slammer187

    Tarps in Lidl?

    Well guys...I just had a look a the Lidl leaflet thing that comes with the papers and here in Ireland Lidl are selling 3x2 OD green plastic tarps...not sure if they're selling them in the U.K. though Sorry guys :lmao:
  12. slammer187

    Best Bivy?

    Well guys with a few busy weekends out in the bush coming up I thought I'd purchase myself a bivy bag because I'm not a tent fan and I'm not up for a hammock haha I wanted to buy a Hunka bag from Alpkit but they're sold out 'till May so I can't get that, After looking on Evil-bay I saw...
  13. slammer187

    Live Bushcraft video chat!

    Hobbexp and BushMag from youtube are doing a live show now if you want to check it out!
  14. slammer187

    My first Bushcraft knife!

    So after making two other blades and learning from my mistakes I finally made a fully finished knife from scratch! I started of with a piece of 01 and ground my blade with an angle grinder and then cleaned it up on my Aldi belt grinder! The machinery cost me €45 I HTed in a hole in the...
  15. slammer187

    What happened to my blade?

    Well I ground my blade from 01 ground flat stock, Heat treated it, Tempered it but tempered it to blue by accident so I threw it in my home fire, Pulled it out of the ashes and ground of the scale to find this... The blade is all pitted and uneven....Did I burn the carbon out...
  16. slammer187

    Aldi grinder heads up!

    The Power Craft belt grinder from Aldi is finally back! Available in UK and ROI.. :)
  17. slammer187

    World Gas Stove "EveryThing Nice" by WorldStove

    Hey guys has anyone made the "EveryThing Nice Stove" by WorldStove? It's a great stove, it's very clean and efficient! It's a TLUD and is very simple to's a few pics and videos! YouTube - Everything Nice stove by WorldStove YouTube - Everything Nice stove boil...
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  19. slammer187

    Snow day Nessmuk

    Well had the day off school today so I thought I'd make myself a Nessy....Another snow day tomorrow so I'll HT it then!
  20. slammer187

    My first knife...Well so far!

    Well guys I've made myself a blank so I thought I'd show it off and now I'm going to drill out the rivet holes and HT! Here's the pic and a few links showing some video of me making it and some results!