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  1. Elines

    Cotwolds outdoors discount

    (Still a member but don't come on the site often so don't know where to find stuff) There used to be a discount at Cotswolds outdoors - could you say what it is please/where to find it? Thanks
  2. Elines

    Moved house - ?how to change address

    (I am not very active in activities these days but continue my membership in part repayment of all the help and advice I got from people when I was. So I want my details to be up to date and ......) I can't find (despite searching and spending about 20 mins looking in likely places) where my...
  3. Elines

    Snugpak cocoon, under quilt and over quilt

    I moved from hammocking to camp bedding (ooh errr missus!!!) a few years ago but kept my hammocking stuff 'just in case'. I have since decided to restrict my camping to fair weather and so have even less likelihood of using this good quality kit. So I'd prefer someone else to get some pleasure...
  4. Elines

    Supermoon 22 July 2013?

    I'd like to have a go at photographing the moon and so was looking up moonrise times on: It says that on 22 July this year there is a 'supermoon'. Probably not as good as the one in June (which I missed), but worth...
  5. Elines

    Top travel photographs 2013

    Some fantastic pictures shown here: Not quite up to our standard on here ... but close :)
  6. Elines

    Britton Wood Derbyshire weekend of 5 July 2013

    My first visit and it was only for the Saturday - 6 July. Vey quiet woodland of a good size, plenty of wood. Matt has a long term plan for the woodland which should provide more areas of clear ground. I timed my arrival just right as Ged was preparing pancakes for everybody and demonstrating...
  7. Elines

    Photoshop v Gimp

    For what it's worth ......................... ....I started off trying to learn how to use Gimp - because it was free. I bought a book to help me do that but have given up because I seemed to be getting nowhere and bought Elements 11 instead. (About £43 - ish from Amazon but may have gone up...
  8. Elines

    Luckylee camera case

    I've now had my Luckylee camera case for about a month and so am now in a reasonable position to give a report. For pictures see: People won't be surprised to hear that the build (and it is 'built' not 'made') quality is...
  9. Elines

    Cliplets anyone???

    Cliplets look like they could be really good to use. See: but, having downloaded it I cannot transfer any videos to it from my camera - even though I can play them on Windows Media. I keep getting an error message 'Cannot...
  10. Elines

    Opportunity to rent woodland near Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire

    Today's Melton Times - Thursday 25 January 2013 - contains an advert for letting of woodland in the Belvoir Estate (pronounced beever). Sounds like letting for bushcraft purposes would be seriously considered. Thought there may be some interested folk on this site
  11. Elines

    ?Taking pictures of smoke without the smell

    I'd like to take some more pictures of smoke but without the smell. I used a cigarette the first time and this produced a good amount of visible smoke but Higher Management was not best pleased with the stink (neither of us smoke cigarettes). Here is an example of the amount of smoke that I...
  12. Elines

    Fan birds - new video on 'Riving'

    For those interested in fan birds, Sally Nye, one of the leading exponents of fan birds, has posted a video on You Tube about 'riving'. It is at: You can find other sources at:
  13. Elines

    Art from wood shavings - Sergey Bobkov

    I haven't seen these on the site. I thinks these things are fantastic - his talent is incredible - the sculptures look alive. A friend told me about them and I found them at:
  14. Elines

    Bow drill tweakings - bearing and spindle/drill

    This afternoon I had a go at creating an ember with a bow drill just to make sure I could still do it and also to try out a variation on the bearing block. I also made another change to my set up - more later ...... First of all the bearing block. Some people say the bearing block is...
  15. Elines

    Looking for 'studio' lights/tripod

    if you want to build up some cheap 'studio' (for which read garage or corner of a room) kit and you want some solid stands/lights you could do worse than the Wickes work lights: I got one for £19.99 rather than the £26.99 web price...
  16. Elines

    Simple angle grinder projects??

    (Ok........... I realise this is a solution in search of a problem, but I have raised it in the 'other chatter' thread, so treat me gently ......:)) I've never been much cop at working with metal, and have never really built up a toolkit, being limited to hacksaw, drill bits and files (although...
  17. Elines

    Advice please - unforeseen problems printing photos

    As part of my weekly photography class we have got a project going where we are trying to sell our photos at a local market. Even if I don't sell anything it will be a good experience! This is the first time I have had any photos printed for about 5 years - maybe longer. Anyway - one problem I...
  18. Elines

    Surveys/iPad competitions on this site

    Is it a virus that has got onto my computer or are other people also getting 'surveys' to take part in/competitions for iPads and the like Are these a scam or for real - my guess is a scam of some kind. What do wiser/more knowedgeable heads than mine think?
  19. Elines

    Simpleton bow (and arrow)

    Just had a bit of fun making a bow and shooting an arrow I had made earlier. . I hit the target second shot and was feeling really pleased - it then took me about another 30 to hit it again. The target was a cardboard box box about 16" x 12", at about 15 yards. So if I can get that close to a...
  20. Elines

    Tying secure knots in thin polyester cord

    I bought some 1.2mm 'blind lift polyester cord' for use when I needed cord significantly thinner than paracord (and its clones). I find it very strong but knots made with it don't lock in the same way as with paracord or string - they tend to slip. I guess it is not gripping to itself. Are...