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  1. the interceptor boy

    Summer Moot 2020

    Hi Tony. Do you have any dates ready for the summer big Moot Cheers The interceptor boy
  2. the interceptor boy

    Bushcraft licence to and from the Moot to a place of Residence !

    Hi Tony. I was wondering if by time we have a legitimate Bushcraft licence for carrying scary sharp cutting tools to and from the moot. Due to the climate we are living in. With all the atrocities going on in the UK and abroad. More so this applies if one is not a Caucasian C1. As I have...
  3. the interceptor boy

    Mackinaw wool vest? worth buying.

    hi Guys. I saw Chas was wearing one. and it looks the business. just wandering is it worth buying the Mackinaw wool vest in the Uk. for £112. Do you guys think it is a good price. or does anyone knows if they can get it at a much cheaper price. Any views well appreciated. cheers the...
  4. the interceptor boy

    MEGA THANKS for Tony and Shelly For Organising Another Brilliant .moot 2014.

    Hi All. just want to say .Many thanks for Tony and Shelly For doing a Sterling Jobs at the Moot. plus also all credits goes to the Motely crew for entertaining and keeping us safe. In spite of the Awful weather we have had in the last few days. see you all next year. JUST GREAT MOOT...
  5. the interceptor boy

    traditional finnish log house building process.

    Hi Guys. just finished watching this beautiful video on youtude about a group of master carpenters I would say in my humble opinion. going about their work. with mastery skills. very skilled people there with very very very sharp axes. saws. wooden / metal hammers, Augurs, watch out for a...
  6. the interceptor boy

    First Aid , App for Android/ smartphone. at a glance.

    Hi Everyone. if by chance you have a smartphone or an Android device and you haven't got any firstAid tips. to follow then this App might be of any help and its free. As everyone knows I am no expert at all even I do belong to a tribe. knowledge of first aid is always good and it is no...
  7. the interceptor boy

    A Big Thank you To Tony. shelly. and the crazy crew!

    Just got home safe. A very big thank you to Tony. shelly for Organising a brilliant Nearly two weeks of the bushmoot.met some lovely people. old and new. All credit goes to them and their motely crew behind the scene. Did a Rustic stool carving.course. all credit goes to Bod and Jules and peter...
  8. the interceptor boy

    world flags?

    Hi Boys and Girls just wondering where do you guys buy your flags like the ones flying all over place at the moot for a reasonable price. i know someone will say : go online or ebay. Thank you. Any link / shop address , would be appreciated. cheers the interceptor boy.
  9. the interceptor boy

    Green wood working.

    Hi Tony. I would like to know who is doing the green wood working this and any idea what the price would be. on a pre-moot course. the Bamboo bows last year was great fun. Cheers the interceptor boy
  10. the interceptor boy

    Bushy overnight big shirt! For night time! (Jelaba style)

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in buying A bushy ovenight shirt strictly speaking for sitting around the fire and having a brew or any of the hardcore libacious at night with friends. I am not into profit ma king, all monies goes to charity. The bushy shirt is a...
  11. the interceptor boy

    bushmoot dates ? [price schedule in post #40]

    Hi everyone, does anyone knows the right days and dates for the bushmoot next year. have had a look on bushcraft media, which is pointing me to a page, where I can go praying or Christmas. I need confirmed dates for booking my hols in advance. any help would be appreciated. many...
  12. the interceptor boy

    fishing net needles?

    Hi Everyone, can someone please do a simple straight forward step by step, nice pictorial displays on How To Carve A Fishing Needle, for the very green horns amongst us, me included. thank you. cheers the interceptor boy. I know that Mr Mesquite is fed up doing the fishing needle at the...
  13. the interceptor boy

    sewing thread for tarp and hammock?

    hi all, This is a question for all the makers of tarp, hammock and underquilt. thank you. As a couple of loops is coming undone on my tarp I would like to know what sort of threads I should look for, for make simple repairs on my tarp. do anyone in the know how Please,point me in the right...
  14. the interceptor boy

    the chef at the naughty corner every night!

    Phill, if its you can you please get in touch by pm. I can't trace you on line. Cheers the interceptor boy.
  15. the interceptor boy

    Plenty of stock of fire woods

    Hi all, Good Evening. As we are having beautiful magnificent sunny weather at the moment in time for this month and as the BIG MOOT is approching on us at a very fast speed. I was thinking about dry fire woods stock at the moot. As everything thing is going to be sodden wet in Sunny wales...
  16. the interceptor boy

    very bad weather in west wales? and the rest of the country.?

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if the moot is still on, due to the very bad weather in West Wales, and the entire country is having at the moment. Maybe a Mod/s can clarify on that, thank you. Cheers the interceptor boy.
  17. the interceptor boy

    adaze,or Indian crook knife group buy.

    hi all, please can someone do a groupbuy for adaze or Indian style crook knife after the August moot, I am sure there is a demand on this site. thank you. cheers the interceptor boy.