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    How to get rid of the buggers? we have a moat (I suspect therein lies the problem) and a small pond which dries out in summer. I am past the repellant stage and moving towards anihilation. BUT father in law has a pheasant run which encloses the moat, so any chemicals need to be bird friendly...
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    Chestnut hurdles/wattled panels??

    I am looking for someone to make me some split chestnut hurdles. if anyone can make chestnut lathes and get them into panels that would be good too. My greenwoodsman only has enough chestnut cut to make me 3 panels and I need about another 7, some quite high, some quite wide (could be 2 seperate...
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    What tool??

    we need to make a large number of small (1-11/2 inch diameter) chestnut short stakes to put either side of a low marker fence at the edge of a footpath. what would be the best tool for the job? Billhook? small axe???? something else??? (you can tell I am new at this, cant you??)
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    A late hello

    Hi, I havent posted much but have been lurking for some time so thought it would be polite to say hello. I am from East Sussex and am a bit of a jack of all trades - started out in fashion design, moved into photographic science, sideways into magazine production then left the big city smoke...
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    Something like the Zircon 15

    Hi, sadly just pipped at the post on an old style zircon 15 on ebay, which we were hoping to buy to run some courses in our woods and also potentially house forestry workers while coppicing. Does anyone know if there is anything else similar? It needs to be quick and easy to put up and take...