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  1. spandit

    Should boots last more than 5 months?

    Bought some, admittedly cheap, work boots ( and the soles have already come off, the steel midsole has snapped on one of them too. The uppers are OK and the soles have plenty of life left in them - don't hold much hope of getting my money back but don't...
  2. spandit

    Just ate some rat bait...

    My wife has had an issue with rats in her car - they've chewed through the wiring loom twice now and although they seem to have taken a bag of poisoned bait, I'd like to see the bodies so I've left a couple of spring traps in there. Needed something sticky enough to jam onto the prongs and...
  3. spandit

    Guess why this is (probably unique)?

    Decided to camp out last night so put my hammock up. Can you guess why none of you have probably hammocked like this before? Edit: won't even let me link images from my own hosting...
  4. spandit

    Help with fruit leather

    Tried making medlar cheese over the festive period but despite copious boiling, it still hasn't set firm enough to turn out of a mould to slice. Thought I'd try putting some in the dehydrator to see if I can dry it to fruit leather but it's so sticky, I can't really roll it out or cut shapes...
  5. spandit

    Guess what this is?

    Looks delicious, doesn't it?
  6. spandit

    Scissor addiction

    For some reason, a lady was selling a large bag full of scissors (on Facebook). I thought I spotted a few pairs of decent fabric scissors in there so thought it was worth a punt. Turned out that there were only a couple of pairs of fabric scissors and 23 pairs of nail scissors, plus some...
  7. spandit

    Splicing large rope?

    Bought some c.30mm sisal rope at a local auction today (£18). Turns out it is in 2 bits, one of 15m, the other of 5m (there was also 27m of 20mm sisal rope). Anyway, the ends on the larger rope are unfinished and I'd like to put an eye splice in there so I can use them for practical purposes...
  8. spandit

    Positive karma (for a change!)

    With my new sewing machine standing idle, I thought I'd nip down to the local fabric shop to see if they had any outdoor material. I bought a few metres of yellow and blue Nylon ripstop and the end of a roll of fairly heavy cordura (which she gave me half price) plus some zips. I have a mate who...
  9. spandit

    Cordura lined washbag

    Thought I'd see if I could make a lined bag with my new sewing machine. Followed a couple of tutorials on YouTube and using some very heavy duty zips, I made this: There's one spot where I missed the edge of the fabric so there is a slight hole but I'm buying some woven union jack labels so...
  10. spandit

    Pink meadow flower ID

    The bit of my field I haven't mown is currently covered in flowers (and bees!). It's predominantly yellow birdsfoot trefoil and white clover, with some small patches of purple clover (in rings, oddly) but this beautiful little pink number has come up in a few places and I don't know what it is...
  11. spandit

    Bat or moth? Mystery beast caught on camera

    Bought some Neos Smart cameras, which are excellent (and cheap - only £20). Put on in my workshop and it picked up this: It's probably a moth but not certain. What do you think?
  12. spandit

    Aldi stainless food flasks Bought one today. Comes with a nifty folding spoon. Going to buy more at the weekend if they're still available. Also bought some of their neoprene fingerless gloves
  13. spandit

    So I sharpened an axe... ouch

    Those of you that read my thread about my campfire yesterday might have spotted the fact that I dinged my axe on some concrete. Today I set about grinding the chip out. Took a lot of material before I had a straight blade again (angle grinder with flap wheel) but it took on a nice polished...
  14. spandit

    Day Out A damp day fire

    Went outside yesterday to put a trail camera up. Ironically, I disturbed 4 roe deer who were loitering around, but I expect they'll be back again. It started raining so initially I crawled under a low holly tree which I thought would give me shelter. It did, but not enough and I started getting...
  15. spandit

    Free willow/dogwood cuttings

    If anyone wants any cuttings from my dogwood or willow, I've plenty spare. Willow wise I have common osier, salix viminalis and black maul salix triandra, the former being superlative for structural work and the latter for basket weaving.
  16. spandit

    So I left a 3D printed matchbox under water for 3 months...

    Although I generally like to design the things I print, it's also possible to download stuff that other people have designed, often for free. I downloaded a screwtop bottle from and printed it in bright orange PETG (same plastic they make drinks bottles from). With a cheap O-ring...
  17. spandit

    3D printed leather stamp

    Managed to misplace my leather stamp that I'd made in one of the group buys I organised a couple of years ago, despite having used it in the last week. Rather than go through the hassle of getting another GB together, thought I'd see how well a printed one would hold up. Very well as it...
  18. spandit

    Medlar jelly

    We finally got round to picking our medlars to make jelly this year. They're well bletted and are currently simmering on the stove prior to being strained. Haven't had any since my mother made some and she died in 2008. It tastes like spiced mincemeat - really is Christmas in a jar...
  19. spandit

    How to groove leather (not at edge)?

    I'm currently making a couple of belts and they're going well but I want to stitch across the belts so my normal edge grooving tool won't work. What tool can I use to do this or should I just change the angle on my edge groover?
  20. spandit

    A use for broken machine needles?

    Many people seem to try to buy a domestic sewing machine for making thick leather goods and are surprised when the needle breaks or worse. I'm wondering how effective it would be using a broken needle to mark stitches that could then be awled/drilled through? Could vary the spacing, which a...