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  1. basicbushcraft

    shelter building

    i taken my cousin out last week for the day showing him some skills and look at this shelter he made not bad for first attempt what you think guys
  2. basicbushcraft

    how to upload pictures

    hi just wondering if you can help me how do i upload pictures thanks anthony
  3. basicbushcraft


    anyone up for a trip to my woodland in Aberdeenshire
  4. basicbushcraft

    group buy dd hammock

    hi guys if any of you are you are up for the group buy let me know i will pm you price list
  5. basicbushcraft

    bushcraft meet over rivington

    hey anyone out there up for a quick nighter over rivington soon as anthony
  6. basicbushcraft


    looking for woodland to use in north west around lanc's area and wales anyone got any contacts
  7. basicbushcraft


    looking for a good broadleaf woodland in north west anyone know any good places
  8. basicbushcraft

    basic bushcraft meet

    just wondering if anyone is up for a meet round forest of bowland learning new skills and having fun only looking for a small meet