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  1. fielder1963

    Withdrawn Shing fixed blade.

    For sale Shing fixed blade. Very sharp. Shing thinks it is 01 steel. Corian handle scales. Leather sheath not made by Shing. Bargain at £80. Withdrawn.
  2. fielder1963

    Wanted Entrek Companion or Backup Utility wanted.

    Wanted Entrek Companion or Backup Utility please.
  3. fielder1963

    Sold Steel Will argonaut 800 with free Ontario Rat one folder.

    Steel Will argonaut 800, lovely knife, virtually unused. With free Ontario Rat One folder, had light use only, a few marks on blade and pocket clip, also, small nick at end of scale, but sound and good to go. Both for £60.
  4. fielder1963

    Wanted Chris Reeve Pacific. Found

    Wanted, Chris Reeve Pacific plain edge. Used is fine as long as in good condition. Thank you. Now found.
  5. fielder1963

    Sold Bargain bundle

    Buck Ridgeway slip joint folder burl Wood handle. Boker Plus Outdoorsman xl in 12c27 steel, sharp and had little use. Rough Rider Bowie stag scales. Used, some marks on blade, but sharp and good to go. Lots of life in them all. £40 all in.
  6. fielder1963

    Sold I. D. Howe Old Oak Knives Scout model. Reduced again.

    I D Howe Old Oak Knives Scout model in 14c28n. Desert Iron wood scales. Beautiful, very sharp knife. Only a few months old. Never used or carried. With leather sheath and padded zip pouch. Reluctant sale. £200. Now £190 now £180. Now a bargain at £170 now only £160
  7. fielder1963

    Sold Carothers Field Knife in Delta 3v. Reduced again .

    Carothers Field Knife in Delta 3v. Micarta scales with free extra OD green g10 scales. The blade is a bright stone wash finish. Hardly used but a few marks from the Kydex sheath. A highly sought after knife. £350. Reduced to £330 now £310 now £290. Now £270
  8. fielder1963

    Sold Victorinox Outrider.

    Victorinox Outrider. Nice knife, used very little. £30.
  9. fielder1963

    Sold Victorinox Farmer.

    Victorinox Farmer. Nice condition, had very little use. £20.
  10. fielder1963

    Sold Bradford guardian 5.5. Reduced again, bargain .

    Bradford guardian 5.5 in Elmax. Micarta scales. 5 inch blade. Lovely sharp knife, nearly new, only cut the obligatory piece of paper. £210. Reduced. Now £200 now £190 now absolute bargain at £170, now £165, now £160 can't go much lower for such a good knife, that's a £90 saving for a virtually...
  11. fielder1963

    Sold Glock 78 knife. Reduced.

    Genuine Glock 78 knife. Totally unused. £30. Now £28. Now only £25 Including postage.
  12. fielder1963

    Sold Weihrauch HW 45 air pistol.

    Weihrauch HW 45 air pistol. 22. Powerful, highly respected pistol. Two power levels. Very good condition, not been used much. The blue on the picture is just reflected light. With free homemade leather sheath. £180.
  13. fielder1963

    Sold Manly Drugar knife. Reduced again.

    Manly Drugar cpm 154. This is just a few days old, has only cut a piece of paper. It's razor sharp and slicey. Comfortable walnut handle. Kydex sheath. Reluctant sale, but I need the money. Big saving on new. £160 including postage. Now £150. Now £145. Now a bargain at £140. Now £135. Now £130...
  14. fielder1963

    Sold Entrek 11 Bravo reduced!

    Entrek 11 Bravo. Ray Ennis is famous for his 440c steel. He makes it extremely tough and it holds a great edge. A quote from him.. "heat treated, subzero stabilized and double drawn to 57-58 RC" The knife has been used but not abused. It has a convex edge by Longstrider. £90 including postage...
  15. fielder1963

    Sold Reduced again! Tilley lamp.

    Original Tilley lamp vintage, but not had a lot of use. £40. Now £35. Now £30. Now £25. Now £20. Can't really go lower because of postage.
  16. fielder1963


    I'm not at all practical, I have very little skill or experience, but I thought I'd carve a rustic spoon out of a birch branch today. I used my wonderful Alan Wood MAK knife. It was great, razor sharp and comfortable. I did use a spoon knife a little to carve out the bowl. As I say, it is very...
  17. fielder1963

    Sold Reduced Vetelli canvas laptop bag.

    Vetelli canvas laptop bag, unused. Pen shown for scale. £10 including postage. Reduced, now only £8. Now a bargain at £7
  18. fielder1963

    Sold Reduced. Bushcraft Crusader mess tin and Gelert cookset. Both stainless steel.

    Bushcraft Crusader mess tin and Gelert cookset both in stainless steel. Both hardly used. £15. Reduced, now only £12 for the two sets. Now a real bargain at only £10 for both! Final reduction £8. Or free with the Tilley lamp I have for sale.
  19. fielder1963

    Sold Eka Swede 8

    Eka Swede 8. Wood handle. Nice solid, sharp knife. £20 and I'll throw in a free leather belt sheath.
  20. fielder1963

    Sold Reduced. Lion Steel T5 with free Smith and Wesson Survival tactical pen and mini trangia. .

    Lion Steel T5. Virtually unused but expertly sharpened by Shing. Lovely knife and great sheath. £100. Reduced, now £90 Now with free Smith and Wesson Survival tactical pen which contains a ferocerium rod. Also free mini trangia cookset with burner. Inside of frying pan looks unused, bottom of...