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  1. Drain Bamaged

    Tramping, the gentle art

    I think he is generally called Stephen Graham (though I have seen a couple of his books with the name Graham Stephen Graham) but a search under the former name may surprise you as to how many 'travel' books he wrote, he certainly led an interesting life. D.B.
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    Manhunter , The Art of Tracking is finally out. In Hardback

    Best of luck with it. D.B.
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    Glass cutter help.

    Something we used to do years ago was tie a bit of meths soaked string around the bottle at the point you want to cut it, set it alight and when it burns out dip the bottle in cold water.......It 'should' break along the line that the string was tied. Doesn't always work but fun trying it, we...
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    Uses for hook on a SAK

    I have used it for lifting up, pulling down barbed wire strands, also for carrying and moving rolls of said wire, it is also handy for snare making/repair in the field and other 'working with wire' jobs.....A lot of people may not have noticed on some of the newer versions of the hook if you...
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    Leasing land for bushcraft

    Insurance can be the problem, it often makes it more trouble than it's worth to the landowner. D.B.
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    Waterproof stuff sack for sleeping bag

    Yes it is more than big enough, it's what I bought it for originally, fits in, uncompressed with room to spare. D.B.
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    Waterproof stuff sack for sleeping bag

    Those Swiss Army Sacks are nothing special but they certainly have a multitude of uses and at that price I couldn't resist sending for the second two, like you I too have been using one inside a Polish rucksack as a liner. D.B.
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    What animal would do this?

    A couple of years ago, as the weather started to warm up all the tubs and baskets in my back garden (that is the garden proper which according to her indoors is supposed to look pretty and not the woods that are connected to it) started to sprout Oak Trees and what looked like Peas (Hundreds of...
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    Waterproof stuff sack for sleeping bag

    I very recently sent for a Swiss Army Stuff Sack from GOARMY surplus stores....£ is basically a duffle bag made of strong waterproof material. I bought it for a British Arctic Bag and it fits uncompressed with room to spare, the only slight let down is the bag is basically a tube...
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    What animal would do this?

    I get similar here, normally next to 'distinctive markers' and it is often Grey Squirrels burying stuff occasionally followed by Jays digging it back up again. D.B.
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    Freshwater clams.

    Years ago they were described as 'A famine Food' .........basically if needs must then they were eaten but it tended to be a necessity thing. One big problem is they are out and out filter feeders, they are very long lived (if allowed to be) and pollutants from quite a number of years ago 'can...
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    A bit of traditional tattooing

    So, doing your own tattoos, when you wake up in the morning and start to sober up are you still surprised and wonder what the h*** happened last night? Only joking, not something I have ever been interested in but I can appreciate them and admire the skill. D.B.
  13. Drain Bamaged

    A question on holdfasts

    Would a 'C' shaped 'dog' work bottom of the 'C' going into hole/holes in the SIDE of the stump and the work held down with a wedge....Various size C clamps should not be that hard to make or bend if all the have to hold steady is wood, I doubt they would see a lot of force from the wedge. D.B.
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    I have a bat in my loft!

    It is often easier to see light escaping rather than where light is getting in…..with this in mind, if you can flood your attic/false roof with light and then walk around outside it in the dark you can generally see where the holes/gaps/entrances are that the bats may be using. To give some...
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    French Army Canteen Set

    I have used one of these on and off for several years and like you I too removed the chain off the lid/top, this in evidently leads sooner or later to the top going missing, a useful 'get out of jail' solution is the tops off some of the larger plastic milk cartons will fit nicely. D.B.
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    Woodlore Knife Pro

    The fact that Ray Mears, who is not a small bloke, is using his Judo skills to wrestle people to the ground and then tying them up (using homemade cordage) in the back of the woodlore shop and refusing to let them go until they hand over £500 plus for a knife is well out of order in my...
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    Template for Mora knife

    If you type in sheath template for mora in the search box on YouTube there are several available and video as to how to go about using them but Ogri's suggestion is as good as any. D.B.
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    warmth and breathability; fur vs faux vs leather

    Wool is made up of scales, it's the lifting scales (especially on lower quality wool) that causes the could try pure Lanolin hair conditioner (available in a jar) rubbed into the wool or a wash in conditioner specifically for wool to help stop the itch.....I find the Lanolin (which...
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    No-sew pouches

    One of my local charity shops 'saves' any old waxed jackets that in their opinion are not good enough for re-sale......these give really good ready made waxed pouches (generally bellowed) the sleeves can be adapted to make waterproof stuff sacks and there is a surprising amount of material left...
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    Great short film

    The first time I was shown the chisel prior to being shown a video of it being used I thought "Damn, more ammo for the anti-knife brigade and the Zombie protection league" It's an incredible tool and seeing it used by a craftsman is a real treat...I agree though there are several times when I...