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  1. rik_uk3

    Deep Cycle Batteries by Tab

    When I was an 'active' stove collector I really wanted a paraffin/kerosene fridge, popular in parts of the USA and Australia I never did find one in the UK :( Still made but quite expensive
  2. rik_uk3

    Rich Hall and American Indians

    No, I did not, it was meant as a bit of banter, something sadly missed by our American members and some of the UK members who have suffered recent(ish) UK education where the world of PC has embedded itself in their dark places. I like rich Hall, I like his humour and thats why I put the post...
  3. rik_uk3

    Rich Hall and American Indians

    Not really Mary, but I'll be the whipping boy as per usual.
  4. rik_uk3

    Buying vehicles - advice on the credit options

    Would be a lot easier to buy a family car and a family sized tent IMHO.
  5. rik_uk3

    Rich Hall and American Indians

    Its time to lock this thread down, just the usual few members each acting like a dog with a bone.
  6. rik_uk3

    Going out in the rain, best way to setup a rain shelter?

    Pour a cup of tea or coffee from your flask then set up your tent, easy as that
  7. rik_uk3

    Is Truffle hunting possible in Scotland?

    You need to broaden your culinary experiences chap
  8. rik_uk3

    Lidl Saw and Axe headsup

    I got a Lidl folding saw a few years ago, its no Laplander but for three quid you can't go wrong. For base camping your better off with a bow saw anyway.
  9. rik_uk3

    Rich Hall and American Indians Debate that
  10. rik_uk3

    Rich Hall and American Indians

    Who's to say they would have discovered metal? Australian aboriginal technology has not moved on in thousands of years.
  11. rik_uk3

    Rich Hall and American Indians

    A big hurdle to overcome is the fact that youngsters have no interest in learning Welsh, certainly in the industrial south... the language was beaten out of folk not that many years agao
  12. rik_uk3

    Rich Hall and American Indians

    In the UK you have the Welsh language being promoted, dedicated TV channel (, the language being mandatory in early learning, road signs in English and Welsh and yet...the language is dying still. There are 'pockets' in Wales where Welsh is widely spoken but overall its...
  13. rik_uk3

    The Sound Of Silence

    The hiss of a Primus stove.
  14. rik_uk3

    Deep Cycle Batteries by Tab

    "TAB are OEM suppliers to Massey Ferguson, Ingersoll Rand and the Kion Industrial Group"
  15. rik_uk3

    Rich Hall and American Indians

    I always liked this one "better to leave a thread on track than let cojones take charge" enjoy the pancakes.
  16. rik_uk3

    Feuerhand hurricane lamp conversion.

    You can buy LED hurricane lanterns ready to use, there was really no need to murder a perfectly good paraffin lantern...shame on you :(
  17. rik_uk3

    Tent for motorbike camping wanted, also tips!!
  18. rik_uk3

    In hospital

    Listen to the fizzioterrorists Janne, they helped me through my knee problems after 'going under the knife' to fix them (the knees that is).
  19. rik_uk3

    Camping Safety survey

    Fifty years ago the only electronics I took was a torch (flashlight) and within a couple of years a transistor radio.