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  1. chimpy leon

    Work wear for outdoor wear?

    Ive worn out a loads of work trousers marketed as “hard use“ and “tough“ etc and I’ve found snickers to be consistently poor, or should I say absolute crap! Best I’ve used is black knight - very durable and comfortable. That said I still have a pair of Arco essentials that are still going...
  2. chimpy leon

    Opinel keeps sticking

    Dry it out then give the entire handle few coats of Danish oil or similar. My Opi 7 hasn’t stuck since I did this.
  3. chimpy leon

    Dog walking boots

    Ive had many Wellies as Im never out of them this time of year and I tend to get through them quite fast. The best I’ve had are my current Skellerup Quattros. I’ve owned them 12 months and they’ve already outlasted more expensive ones. They’re comfy too.
  4. chimpy leon

    Gerber Strongarm

    I‘d say they’re are better / at least as good hard use knives out there for less... The Jakaripukko 140’s blade length and geometry appear similar to the strong arm but uses a better steel, has a great sheath (seriously one of the best out there) costs less and looks better. I have one that’s...
  5. chimpy leon


    I still have the scar from my first knife when I was 6, it folded down on that skin between the index finger and thumb. Lots of blood but never showed it to parents as I knew it would likely be my last knife for a while. So a nice fixed - The Mora basic 511. It has a grippy handle with decent...
  6. chimpy leon


    This is my earlier version. I believe the new x3’s are a different design. Again, Brilliant tool. It must be said that the Edge retention has been outstanding, as has its ability to resist a proper rusting.
  7. chimpy leon


    I’ve used many billhooks over the years in various jobs, some were truly awful - poor blade geometry, uncomfortable to use and woefully off-balance etc. I never bothered to check who they were manufactured by but I certainly never looked forward to using them. Some were passable, some were OK...
  8. chimpy leon

    Which Wood?

    A good chimney sweep also a good bit of kit. :D
  9. chimpy leon

    Which Wood?

    I get hold of a lot of leylandii logs from my job through the year. Far from the best burning wood with regard to heat output, but I get it for nothing. Once seasoned properly it does burn quite well. The longer you can dry the wood the cleaner it will burn. Aside from selecting non-toxic wood...
  10. chimpy leon

    Leather glove treatment

    I use Renapur on my leather work gloves, works good on boots too.
  11. chimpy leon

    Sold Cold steel GI tanto

    Small price drop now £20
  12. chimpy leon

    Sold Cold steel GI tanto

    This has been used, carried and sharpened. A small amount of the black coating on the blade has been scuffed and scratched through use. Very good condition overall. Comes with Secure-ex sheath and original cold steel box. £25 via bank transfer please. Strictly over 18s and UK address only.
  13. chimpy leon

    Sold Spyderco Delica 4

    With Orange FRN. Brand new. Never, carried, cut or sharpened. Has been stored in its box since I bought it. Over 18s only. Payment via bank transfer please. £65 including postage.
  14. chimpy leon

    Guided sharpening systems - user feedback? Likes, Dislikes?

    The top of the thread underneath the Allen head is bushed out to 9.5 mm to match the bore of the top clamp so it’s a tight fit.
  15. chimpy leon

    Guided sharpening systems - user feedback? Likes, Dislikes?

    I use a second hand lansky that I bought on here a few years ago but I’ve modified it with an adjustable Rose joint bearing instead of the slots, and with the clamp screwed to a base. It works ok considering it was a no budget project.
  16. chimpy leon

    ESEE 6 itch

    On the face of it Esee seem to be quite expensive for what are fairly basic and relatively cheap materials such as Micarta and 1095. but once you factor in their “if you break it, we will replace it” warranty, they’re probably quite good value for money if you intend to really use the knife. I...
  17. chimpy leon

    Mini-skrama mini project

    Everytime someone puts a link to varusteleka I take a look around and see stuff that I want. Somehow they even make fish cock sound like something I need in my life. :D The Korpisoturi knife looks interesting too.
  18. chimpy leon

    need a boot upgrade, ideas?

    I’ve been wearing the field boots from William Lennon/ruff lander on and off since March, just the occasional long dog walk so far, nothing too taxing. They are pretty solid feeling and made from good materials but the stitching in places could be improved. This area I’ve been a bit underwhelmed...
  19. chimpy leon

    Yew Berries?

    I find them very sweet but a bit flavourless. Not unpleasant though. The juice has a sticky consistency like syrup. Oh and make sure you spit out the seeds, they are poisonous don’t you know. :D
  20. chimpy leon

    Micarta colour.

    I learned that I have to put my nicer knives to work straight away otherwise there’s a danger I’ll just reach for a Mora and they will never get used. The skelf was feather-sticking the day it arrived.