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  1. Bishop

    Whale saves train!

    A metro train in Spijkenisse, near the city of Rotterdam, crashed through a barrier at the end of the tracks shortly before midnight on Sunday. But rather than plummeting into the water below, ended up being balanced on the sculpture of a whale's tail at the De Akkers metro station.
  2. Bishop

    Alaskan Bush Pilot Survival Kit

    At first glance it all looks good,... High Vis Inflatable Vest Personal Locator Beacon Garmin inreach mini (text messaging via satellite, GPS) Laser 'flare' pointer Emergency rations Waterproof flashlight Ferro rod, Matches, tinder Axe ... oh dear god
  3. Bishop

    Steampunk Battle Lantern (work in progress)

    This is one of my slow projects that's been under the bench for a while waiting for inspiration and suitable parts to present themselves.. Shoehorning in the new electrics at the moment on account of Captain Nemo's original design using Sodium batteries having some issues. When done it will...
  4. Bishop

    Planning Going Walkabout...

    The time has come the walrus said You're looking quite a sight Tipping the scales at fifteen stone Even your jeans say things ain't right
  5. Bishop

    Collapsible Dragon Carry Cauldron

    Traditional these baby dragon rescue aids are made from the finest flayed troll hide. Lightweight, folds flat for easy cleaning and storage yet sturdy enough to contain the energy of boiling chicken balti should the need arise. Sadly since most of the Welsh mines were sealed up trolls have...
  6. Bishop

    MCQ Bushcraft YouTube Hacked

    Three days ago according to reddit the account was hijacked to stream some bitcoin scam and was promptly shutdown by Youtube admin.
  7. Bishop

    Net Needle attempt

    Fed up making spoons for the moment so instead attempted to do a Net Needle. I know it's a bit short after all it was my last bit of branch and supposed to be a spoon. On the plus side it hasn't split in half on me like the other first two attempts this morning. Small yet usable I'm encouraged...
  8. Bishop

    Another Spoon

    I really need to find a piece big enough for a matching wooden bowl lol On the plus side with all the lockdown practice my spoons are starting to get thinner and more delicate.
  9. Bishop

    Five minute mods - Eyelets

    Whilst leather straps and buckles are nice it they can be awkward with fat cold fingers so decided to fit some metal eyelets to a new bimble/EDC bag. Found the eyelets then turned shed upside down to no avail looking for the special pliers. Only wanted to do six holes so buying another new set...
  10. Bishop

    Brain Fart - Haversack Concept

    Despite what the forecast predicted the local weather sucks at the moment so photo mission on hold till sunlight returns. Still lots to do and experiment with so it should be a while before I degenerate into Instagram levels of insanity cutting the labels in half on chocolate bars to spell rude...
  11. Bishop

    Day Out Penprys Pit

    One of the joys of bimbling off the beaten path is you never know quite what you are going to find, lost dog, dropped wallet, preppers cache etc. Sadly more often than not it's empty beer cans and an abandoned tent if you're lucky. Today however was a good day, taking advantage of the lockdown...
  12. Bishop

    Leather Laminate Experiment - Urban Bushcraft

    One of the biggest problems I have encountered making leather pouches is that I'm a peasant and cannot afford the genuine article that's required for the classical moulded designs. Plus my tooling is limited and I have the hand skills of a blind chimp who's drunk a bottle of Jack Daniels, so...
  13. Bishop

    Haversack II More String!

    Started at the winter moot then neglected for a while due to work I finally got around to picking up my knitting last week. Over one hundred meters of Wilko's finest jute twine and some sore fingers later, today another bush-bag was born. Slightly wider and deeper than the first with ample room...
  14. Bishop

    Pouch Puzzle

    Got a present from the better half this morning of a new water bottle, it's a 1.2L 'gym bottle' for those who want to rummage around ebay. Kind of like it, good size, wide screw top with drinking nozzle and grab handle. Just nests inside my billy-can that in turn currently rides in a PLCE...
  15. Bishop

    Gastronomic Adventureres, Foodies and the Curious

    Had a clearout of the medical chest and have a dozen bottles of Fresubin Jucy nutritional supplement in various flavours to give away. If you would like to sample this rare vitamin packed full of goodness elixr then PM me.
  16. Bishop

    Wallace & Gromit Fans

    If you or little ones in your life love Wallace & Gromit then did you know that Norway has there own version? Watch out for LOUIS & LUCA - MISSION TO THE MOON (don't panic there's an English dub)
  17. Bishop

    Check Your Thermals!

    They've shrunk or I have put on weight... either way wife in tears of laughter this morning as I perform a homage to Max Wall looking for my trousers..
  18. Bishop

    Can You See Them?

    Just when you think you have seen it all, mother nature takes you back to school o_O Image by Wayne Longmore
  19. Bishop

    Heads Up book lovers

    John Plant aka "Primitive Technology" on Youtube has his first book coming out on October 31st The complete guide to making things in the wild from scratch Amazon taking pre-orders now for £17 hardback edition. link