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    Epping Forest Walkabout Sat 25th March

    After a couple of pints and a curry at the last London Pub Meet it was suggested that we have a get together in Epping Forest... Idea is to spend the afternoon walking the woods, so opportunities for plant ID (spring is well on its way so lots of fresh shoots coming through), tracking (loads...
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    Some usefull info on the effectivness of water treatments/ filters

    Link to the Cenre for Disease Control and Prevention ... I would sugest essential reading for anyone prior to purchasing a new water filter / purification system. Enjoy
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    London Pub meet 25

    Having missed the last one, thought I would kick this one off, if anyone has a preference for dates or days post up and we can have a beer before this sunshine decides its in the wrong country ...
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    London Pub Meet 22

    Anyone up for a pre Christmas drink next week (Mon, Tue or Wed)? Cheers Stewart
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    Glyn Y Mul Update

    I know Glyn Y Mul has come in for some bad press over the past year after the owner tried to open up the riverside areas using a JCB. After staying away for a year I paid a visit last weekend to see how the site was looking. The site has now recovered from the attentions of the JCB and the...
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    Heads up on vehicle security

    One of my mates had his car broken into over the weekend. No sign of forced entry, and it turns out his neighbours car had also been done - again no sign of forced entry. The neighbour had CCTV and it showed the theives just walking up to the car and opening the door. It turns out that the...
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    South Wales Meets 2009

    Hi folks Thought I'd start a new thread for general meets in 2009. How are people fixed for a get together on the 17th / 18th Jan? A chance to show off those new toys and gadgets we're all getting for Chrimbo. Location to be decided (depending on mud levels) Hope everyone has a...
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    Support for Gurkhas

    I'm sure you will all have seen the recent publicity around the high court case which has ruled that the governments refusal to allow retired members of the Gurkha regiment to settle in the UK is unlawfull. This ruling means that the government must now make changes to the law. If you wish...
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    Place available at summer moot

    SOLD TO BIKETHING Due to a family bereavement a friend who was coming to the moot has had to drop out at short notice. If anyone would like to take his place please PM me with an offer for the ticket - best offer by 9am tomorrow (Thursday), or first to offer full price of £60 will be...
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    Canoe trip in Sweden

    A place has come available on a canoe trip I am organising to Sweden. One of the party has succumbed to a nasty case of SWMBO itis.The trip is a 4 day journey along the Rottnan river on the Sweden / Norway border. Full details of the trip can be found at...
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    Canoeing In Pembroke

    A space has come available on Canoe Trip / Course I have arranged in Pembroke. The trip will take place on Mon 4th - Wed 6th Feb. This follows on from the S Wales meet at Glyn Y Mul farm so if anyone attending fancies extending the weekend this would be an ideal opportunity. Our guide /...
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    Shrooming banned in Epping!!!!

    Had a chat with one of the forest wardens today, and in passing he mentioned that they have now introduced a complete ban on the collection of fungi in the forest. Not being a fungi picker myself, I'd only just found out that you needed a licence to collect in the forest. The ban has been...
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    List of bushcraft friendly sites

    Don't know if the sites linked below are common knowledge on the BCUK forum, but I've just got them off a mate who's a scout leader. He has assured me that most of them are privately run, and would be happy to welcome wild campers outside of the main scout season ( school summer hols I...
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    Tips wanted on cooking venison

    I have obtained a nice joint of venison for a meet this weekend. All I've done in the past is to roast it in the oven at home, so any tips on the best way to cook it out in the woods would be welcome. Stewart