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    wanted boattail scandi

    does anybody have a blind horse knife boattail scandi they would consider parting with i can trade or have cash waiting failing this is there any knifemakers that would consider making a clone of this knife for me for cash cheers
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    free logs north wales

    hi spandit collection only iam afraid the trees are on the customers driveway and he wants a garage/shed instead , they are in good health and iam gutted to do it really. we double checked for tpos /conservation area ect just in the hope of retaining them but but the company i work for are not...
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    free logs north wales

    iam taking down two mature copper beech and a chestnut in prestatyn i will be there all day 2moz may be monday too if anyone wants to fill there boots with logs you will be helping me out. job is in aberconwy rd prestatyn just turn up and i will help you fill up cheers
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    free wood in north wales

    i've taken down some willow trees in ruthin north wales theres more to come down, plenty of logs for carving if anybody is interested ,trees are on the ground theres a large brash pile still .was a last minate council job will be back there monday to finish off job, anybody want some just ask...
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    various bits for sale

    price drop on chainsaw gloves no £35!
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    various bits for sale

    first aid kits and pilgrims journey are know sold everything else is still for sale
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    various bits for sale

    i have for sale some stuff surplus to my needs first up swanndri zip fronted bushshirt this is new never been on my back. its older stock not new stuff made in china. asking £100 including postage first aid pouches i have 2 stihl pouches and 3 arb...
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    Hilltrek Double Ventile

    hi barn owl would you happan to be interested in a trade ive got a mosgiel zip fronted bushshirt its new never been warn still with tag on green and black check size large its older stock not one of the new ones made in china!
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    Leather Jerkin Wanted!

    hi i still have an old army leather jerkin if your interested its defo large prob extra large to be truthful needs some miner repair to one seem think some of the inner wool lining may have been nibbled by a mouse was left in a shed for couple of years! still got loads of wear in it. [/URL...
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    Looking for a jerkin

    hi bilko ive got one of the old army surplus ones its a large going on xl still in good nick for 60 years old if your interest in it can send you pics open to trade or cash
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    Small veg tan pouch

    i will take one ot these please joel any chance you could make me up an axe loop aswell to go on the belt you made me pm me the total cost and i will get the cash to you this week cheers
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    robert rogers

    ok not really bushcraft but i thought i would mention i have almost finished reading northwest passage by kenneth roberts its mostly all about robert rogers of the rangers and the french and indian war the chapters covering the st francis raid are totally gripping! am also reading white devil...
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    bushcraft instructors

    thought i would post a link to the estate for people to take a gander at i think the best way if anyone is interested in this drop me a pm and i will forward you the contact details ect thinking about this i have worked on most of the large estates here in north...
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    Looking for a camp are around Mostyn Nthwales

    hi mate have asked at work most of the sites around there are all caravans only nantmill camping park takes tents i think it can be found at gronant road prestatyn phone number 01745 852 360 theres a fair amount of woods near mostyn coed isaf is nice if you fancy some wild camping! i will keep a...
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    bushcraft instructors

    a colleague at work managed to blag 12 acres of mainy coppice woodland to manage and make crafts etc from bodnant estate ive been going down mainy to practice my own bush skills and help him with some felling charcoal burning etc anyway a job at work came up in bodnant gardens dismantling some...
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    Looking for a camp are around Mostyn Nthwales

    hi mate i work all over that area infact the company i work for is based in rhuallt about 20 mins from mostyn funny you should mention the wind farms i was one of the lads that felled all the trees to make way for the 132 power line going to the new ryhl flats turbines i will ask at work...
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    swanndri bushshirt

    iam after a lace fronted bushshirt size large in green if poss will pay cash or trade cheers law
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    swanndri bushshirt

    i have for sale a brand new zip fronted bushshirt green/black check the is size large price is £85 special delivery or £80 standard i can get pics if needed cheers law
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    axe, golok or kukri

    hi mate i would spent £30 on a devon billhook you can get made by morris of dunsford for that.ive been using on for ages great tools for the woods very versatile
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    k&m matchcase

    iam after a k&m matchcase a brass one if poss does anybody have one to trade or sell ?