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    'Mouldy' boots - how to refresh?

    Thanks for all the tips - I don't know where to begin! I hadn't realised that so many of you had experience of this type of problem. Cheers Trev
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    'Mouldy' boots - how to refresh?

    A pair of leather boots has taken on a musty smell while not in use. Does anyone have any tips to remove the pong? Cheers.
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    few bits

    Pm sent re axe
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    vintage sorby draw knife for sale.

    Hi Fish, Have tried to pm you. Knife has not abeen delivered yet, Trev
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    The big one!!

    What??......NO Horsemeat???
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    "New Site!!"

    Sounds great but I'll be at a wedding far from Devon that weekend so can't even make a quick visit. See you the next time.
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    "Who Goes You Decide"

    Yes, please. See you on the Friday afternoon.
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    Dartmoor Wild Food Forage and Meet...

    "Trevor ate meat" Oh, No I didn't.....!!! But thanks for the cheese omelette, Steve. And thanks very much, Alison, for coming up with the Nut Roast and other veggie stuff. And I'd better thank Ivan for the fried bread despite the damage it's done to my weight loss programme. I'll never...
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    Dartmoor Wild Food Forage and Meet...

    Could anyone please give me a lift early on Friday afternoon? I'll be in Exeter midday or Bovey Tracey from 1:15. Otherwise I'll need directions from Bovey please, Ivan. Cheers, Trev.
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    Dartmoor Wild Food Forage and Meet...

    Yes please, Ivan.
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    Dartmoor Winter Meet

    Please count me in too. 1. Big Lebowski 2. C De C 3. Vinnyp68 4. Me 5 redandshane 6. Totumpole 7. Teepee 8. Ichneumon 9. Bucephalas 10. Dark Horse Dave 11. TeaBee Cheers, Trev
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    Eric's bushy photos

    Looks like another great course, Eric. Hope you will be doing the same again next year.
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    free place basket making 3rd aug

    Tina, sorry to hear you’ve had to cancel (and you’ve lost your booking deposit too –that seems harsh). I hope that all goes well at the hospital. Eric, I’m sorry I can’t join your leatherwork course this year – last year’s was great - but hope I’ll be able to get to the Moot if there are...
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    " Beach Meet " Uh Oh ! Friday The 13TH...

    I hope you Jolly Boys have a good forage, catch a bass or two and find a few breaks in the weather. Shame I coudn't join you this time but I will be dodging the showers on the beach at Southwold this weekend. Hope to join you all on a moor or in a wood sometime soon.
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    Farcome Hall No " Moor!"

    Really bad news, Ivan - we'll all miss Farcombe. Even more reason to keep our eyes and ears open for new sites where we can join you again in some laughter, foolery and a bit of bushcraft too. As for the troublesome ones, there's only one thing to do - raise your glasses and to say, "Farcombe...
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    The Dartmoor Jolly Boys Outing....

    Can't come cos I'm working. I have to grind my way through three weeks* full-time** work*** everyyear and it clashes with this Jolly Outing! * well, it's almost 3 weeks apart form the Bank holiday ** it's almost full-time, except when I finish early of course *** I'll be invigilating...
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    Dartmoor 6 " The Great Moorland Bake Off "...

    Shame you missed it, Skate. Many new faces to meet and fascinating events with the BTO ornithologists on site and the Tinners research group walk to Huntingdon mines etc. Also great birthday food; brownies, honeycomb, birthday cake and superb lime cheesecake - all suitable for a vegetablista...
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    Dartmoor 6 " The Great Moorland Bake Off "...

    I'll be there about 10am Friday, Trev.
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    Dartmoor 6 " The Great Moorland Bake Off "...

    Good pictures from Adam of a beautiful site. Thanks all for a great weekend. See you at the bake off. Trev
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    Dartmoor 6 " The Great Moorland Bake Off "...

    I'll be in Buckfastleigh at 11:30 and should join you by midday. Can't wait.