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    Heads Up - Small gas stove

    Wilkinsons have got some Pocket Rocket clone gas stoves in for nine quid. Look pretty good quality, pot supports look stronger than the MSR ones, fit in a similar box to the Pocket Rocket but it's square instead of triangular. Mike.
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    Frogspawn - what to do with

    I'm currently in the process of draining a fish pond. Lost the fish during last year's cold winter and with a 3 year old running around I thought it safer to turn it into a sand pit for a few years. Got most the water out a couple of months ago but now I've finally found time to carry on with...
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    Fire steel holder on Mora sheath.

    Just finished adding a fire steel holder onto my Mora Clipper sheath and am quite pleased with the result. I cut a piece of standard plastic water pipe a little longer than the steel, taped it in place just below the bulge in the sheath with electrical tape and then wrapped it in paracord...
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    Bivi with zip recommendations

    Been hammocking up to now and looking to try ground dwelling so I'm going to need a bivi bag. On Ebay there’s a positive plethora of precipitation protection products but which one to choose? I read good things about the standard issue bags but really need something with a side zip, dodgy...
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    DC4 sharpener not flat

    I've got a DC4 sharpener, only had a couple of weeks so not really used it much. The diamond side is great and seems to work just fine. The ceramic side seems to be raised at the edges, only very slightly but enough to prevent the blade from touching the centre portion of the sharpening...