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  1. bowji john

    Conservation and anti-poaching course in Mozambique this Aug

    We are offering a 7-day anti-poaching and conservation course in Coutada 9, Manica province, Mozambique, running from 14th to 21st August 2020. This is a 'hands-on' course designed to provide people with a behind-the-scenes experience of anti-poaching in a one-million-acre working wildlife...
  2. bowji john

    7 days in Mozambique

    7 days in Mozambique Foreword I was privileged to share a typical week in the life of the staff of Coutada 9. Though the characters and technologies change over the decades, the challenges for Africa remain the same. This is a tale as old as time. It is a tale of huge personal dedication...
  3. bowji john

    Deer stalking intro weekends 22nd to 24th Sept and 13th - 15th Oct

    Good morning all We will be running another deer stalking intro, and range weekend from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening dates are 22nd to 24th September. A further weekend will be run on 13th - 15th Oct Course covers:- Fire arms safety training Ballistics Deer behavior / recognition...
  4. bowji john

    Pouches from Leaky5

    Many thanks to Leaky5 for all the hard work he put in to the pouches I ordered from him They were an unusual set of requests and challenges in terms of design They were all just the job Brilliant work Thanks again mate Regards John
  5. bowji john

    FREC 3 First Aid Course

    Offering a FREC 3 (+F) course set in a bushcraft / outdoor / forestry setting 12 people max 26 - 30 June 17 Prices to be sorted shortly This course has been developed as a First Aid course that certificates candidates to the standard of FPOS (plus the additional elements as required by the...
  6. bowji john

    Want a career as a bushcraft instructor?

    Friend of mine has taken over the famous NVQ level 4 Cert Bushcraft Instructors Course developed by John Rhyder of The Woodcraft School Phil has been the assistant instructor on Mr Ryder's course for the past 10 years He takes over the course this year - an outstanding naturalist, Phil's love...
  7. bowji john

    Field Grallocking and Butchery day

    We will be running a deer butchery day on March 25th Butchery day includes - Grallocking demo and butchery - half a carcass to take home : £120. This is a comprehensive field butchery course aimed at the the hunter / gather and is part of our 'Bushman' series of courses If interested...
  8. bowji john

    Stalking & Accommodation

    This will not appeal to all members here, however new for 2017 - in conjunction with our 'Bushman' Course and game prep courses (or indeed for those just hanging out with us on a weekend get away) - we can now offer accompanied stalking. We have access to 30,000 acres and highly skilled...
  9. bowji john

    Bushcrafty themed stag and birthday weekends in Cornwall

    As a result of being asked to run a bushcraft stag weekend next year by someone on here - I have decided to offer this service to the BCUK community Bowji bushcamping is located on our land and is part of our home As a result I've shied away from advertising such weekends in the past Being...
  10. bowji john

    Mentor required

    Spoke with the Fire Arms Officer yesterday A condition is likely to be attached to my FAC (as it is my first) requiring me to appoint a mentor for .223 on police approved land Anyone in the North Cornwall area with an 'open licence' for .233 prepared to help? Cheers John
  11. bowji john

    A brief intro from Bowji John

    Hello all Just joined Based in N Cornwall I live on a farm from which I run bush and field craft courses. Born and brought up in Africa, I first started professional life as a Conservation (Game) Officer in Zambia. Then joined HM Forces and fetched up in Cornwall Me in a nutshell J