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    Canon IS 10x30 MkII binoculars for sale

    SOLS SOLD SOLD Just bought a new pair of fancy 10x40 IS binos so selling my smaller Canon IS (image stabilised) 10x30 MkII binocs. These are much the better bino than the Mk1 with much longer battery life. Like new, boxed, cased etc. I’d like £250 posted via BT but happy to entertain...
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    Best iphone gps app for road nav??

    As tile really. I have “Co-pilot” but the latest upgrade is (to me) unuseable. The old Copilot (on another phone and not updated) won’t work anymore. Can anyone suggest a decent -and easy to use- road gps app. Just GB and Ireland, and I don’t mind paying if it’s good. Thanks!
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    Silky Nata

    Just ordered a Silky Nata 240 double grind hatchet. I was getting mad as they're on ebay at $60 ish but it blocks you from buying as We as a whole country can't be trusted. Anyway, I found one seller who must have listed it as something benign so bought it. Has anyone here got any...
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    PRICE DROP Arktis 1714 Patrol pack and pockets.

    For sale is my near new and unabused 40/60 liter 1714 patrol pack in olive drab green with floating lid to adjust volume. For extra space it comes with two 1713 side pockets also by Arktis, to increase the volume to 80 litre if required. A very versatile British made product made with the best...
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    Kifaru Field Chairs x2

    BOTH SOLD!!! I have two of these, bought on here and not used. Very clever, comfy and extremely light (9 oz!). See here; Pics via email if required (PM me email addy). Looking for £60 the pair or if BOTH required seperately, £32 each...
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    SOLD BSA R10 Mk2 air rifle in .177 PRICE DROP

    First off, if you want pics, pm me your email, I try post some fresh pics here later on today. To the rifle. Cal .177. Bought new by me, only dry bottled air used, less than 1 tin of pellets fired. It has the lovely Walnut stock option, all in beautiful condition. Fitted...
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    GoPro advice please

    I think my wife would love one of these and her birthday is in Feb. Anyone here that can decode all the model specs to human speak and perhaps advise on the best model? She'd be using it for general outdoors fun, motorcycle helmet cam, possibly dashcam, plus may use as underwater camera...
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    Some sad news

    Some sad news to pass on I'm afraid. One of the members here, "Tom Brown" has passed away on Wednesday night after a prolonged struggle with a brain tuma. Proper name, Graham Dickinson, was very active outdoorsman with a group I am lucky enough to be involved with. A trully gererous, very...
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    3 x 3 tarp required

    Anything considered except those woven trailer cover type things. Snugak is favourite as it has the attachment points I need. Could be a DD 3x3 or similar reasonably lightweight type. Trades/cash waiting.
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    Exped Synmat SORTED-Thanks

    Anyone got an Exped mat, in Long/Wide (LW) size, or similar equivalent, to trade or sell before I buy one? Anything similar would do, but it must have ridges (like the old Lilo pool floats) and they must go along the length, top to bottom, and it must be big and in good condition. Colour...
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    Paramo Taiga fleece XXL SOLD!!

    Bought for me as a gift. It's too big as a XXL (I'm XL) and too late to return. I've worn it a few times to show willing but you can hardly tell. It was laundered yesterday. Fantastically high quality, as is all my other Paramo gear. Google for reviews. Lots of pockets, highest quality...
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    Wanted. Spyderco Phoenix C114

    Anyone got one to sell or trade?? Got cash or sweet trades.
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    NOW FOUND Spyderco Pingo user.

    FOUND! Thanks, Dances with helicopters. As title, for modding so condition of handles not important. Blade can be blunt but must be undamaged. Give me a shout. Phil
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    Nikon binoculars PRICE DROP

    These are the very well reviewed Monarch 7 series 10x30 binoculars. Given to me but not something I'll use, as I have some fine 8x32s already. These are therefore boxed, as new, and only taken out to play with and photograph. All absolutely complete, let the pictures be a guide here. The...
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    Oakley shades, ONE day sale.

    Just picked up two pairs for £43 delivered. Looks like the sale is today only so move fast and get ready for Summer. It's on a Tuesday this year! ;) [ I removed the link as it might be a scam website. ]
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    UK DPM basha, unused

    The clearout continues... NOW SPF As title. I bought it unissued, never used it, and can't see any subsequent marks on it. Approx 2.5 x 2.1 m. It's the very strong version that can double as a stretcher if reqd. £23 all in, PP'd and posted. Pics in a moment.
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    Halti Laavu Pro for sale.

    NOW SOLD, Thank you. As for as I know, not available in the UK and rarely up for sale. This is a cracking shelter, great materials, design and construction throughout. Here's the makers specs; Condition is excellent...
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    Goretex Bivi bag (by The North Face) UK issue

    SOLD As title, made by TNF for HM Govt. Excellent condition, only the one identifying mark distinguishes from new. £25 all in, posted and PP'd.
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    TOPS M4X knife REDUCED!

    SOLD Massive cutting power from this substantial camp knife. Comes with a very solid sheath and has been used/sharpened, so not for the collector then. Sheathed Lots of reviews out there, designed as a movie knife for the film "Punisher" by Daniel M Certo, this is built to work and...