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  1. bowji john

    Conservation and anti-poaching course in Mozambique this Aug

    Conservation and Anti-poaching in Mozambique 6th - 17th Sept 2021 inclusive This is an invitation to join us in an operational Conservation and Anti-poaching role as a volunteer Phase One – 6 day course Based out of Nhacainga lodge, much of the time will be spent operating in the bush being...
  2. bowji john

    Conservation and anti-poaching course in Mozambique this Aug

    Sorry guys - made a mistake with dates :O_O: It is a week later 21st to 28th Aug
  3. bowji john

    Conservation and anti-poaching course in Mozambique this Aug

    We are offering a 7-day anti-poaching and conservation course in Coutada 9, Manica province, Mozambique, running from 14th to 21st August 2020. This is a 'hands-on' course designed to provide people with a behind-the-scenes experience of anti-poaching in a one-million-acre working wildlife...
  4. bowji john

    7 days in Mozambique

    PDFs Sorry - can't upload files all too big If you are interested then email me at and I'll send you the article
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    7 days in Mozambique

    7 days in Mozambique Foreword I was privileged to share a typical week in the life of the staff of Coutada 9. Though the characters and technologies change over the decades, the challenges for Africa remain the same. This is a tale as old as time. It is a tale of huge personal dedication...
  6. bowji john

    Hunting in New Zealand

    -I realize that doesn't seem to make sense striving to kill him then mourning his loss if I do. The hunter's paradox
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    Deer stalking intro weekends 22nd to 24th Sept and 13th - 15th Oct

    Good morning all We will be running another deer stalking intro, and range weekend from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening dates are 22nd to 24th September. A further weekend will be run on 13th - 15th Oct Course covers:- Fire arms safety training Ballistics Deer behavior / recognition...
  8. bowji john

    New book - The Walkers Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs

    I thoroughly recommend all of of Tristan Gooley's 'natural navigation' series I've been lucky enough to do one of his courses He is a fascinating fella - knows his stuff - respected all over the world
  9. bowji john

    Pouches from Leaky5

    I'm no good at attaching pics on here - never works Perhaps Leaky 5 has some and might care to post them
  10. bowji john

    Pouches from Leaky5

    Many thanks to Leaky5 for all the hard work he put in to the pouches I ordered from him They were an unusual set of requests and challenges in terms of design They were all just the job Brilliant work Thanks again mate Regards John
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    First commsion on here finished

    thought it might - no worries j
  12. bowji john

    First commsion on here finished

    Did you read the PM about my other potential project? J
  13. bowji john

    First commsion on here finished

    very nice workmanship Leaky Gives me some ideas .... j
  14. bowji john

    Beginner rifle recommendations

    That's exceptional shooting - especially with someone else's rifle goodjobgoodjob
  15. bowji john

    Bushcraft weekend (stag party) @ Bowji bush camp Cornwall

    Mate It was an absolute pleasure to have you and your group last weekend All the instructors thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days Will keep you informed of the FREC level 3 - outdoor first aid course and the shooting and stalking intro weekends It was great to finally meet up with you after all the...
  16. bowji john

    Considering a more rural house......

    I live on a farm with septic tank - no real issues if properly installed (which is most) Emptied approx once every 2 years at a cost in the region of £120 Oil fired heating is, I believe, significantly higher than mains gas but i'm not up on the prices of either as we have a ground source...
  17. bowji john

    Advice needed; Cooking pot set for newbie?

    If you are new to bushcraft - can I suggest you avoid the 'kit centric' black-hole that most of us (me included) have fallen into over the years Bushcraft can be about self reliance, improvisation and escaping the confines of the modern world Try 1. Large baked bean tin with wire handle...
  18. bowji john

    Wild Camping "Full Time" Possible?

    +1 The issue here really is the foraging bit. Gaining sufficient calories from foraging even when static, in an area that you know, with an abundance of edibles is very time consuming Do a weekend somewhere and try it Foraging is an excellent way of getting to know your area, plants...
  19. bowji john

    First Responders?

    If you go onto yor local ambulance service website there is often a link to apply as ambulances services recruit from time to time Training is basic but free, you will be expected to act as a 'third man' on 3 occasions on an ambulance and write a feedback on your experiences. There after...
  20. bowji john

    First Responders?

    yup I started with SWAST 2 years ago