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    GB Finished DD Hammocks group buy 2018.

    Do they do tree hugger straps that will work with Dutch clips? Thanks Ewan Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Underblanket to fit Hennessy hammock

    Thanks I'll take another look at the snugpack. I've had a few issues from UK Hammocks trying to get into appropriately make my EDC hammock Does the snugpak take long to rig up after you have set up your hammock? Ewan Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Underblanket to fit Hennessy hammock

    Hi I've recently got a Expedition Asym Classic Hennessy hammock and I'm thinking of what underblanket to get to accompany this. So far I gather that I have to set up a second ridgeline so I have something to clip the edges to while not damaging the mosquito net, is that correct?. Currently...
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    Tarp and Hammock Tutorial

    For more information on knot techniques for some of the knots described here the following may be useful. Animated knots app available for Android or iOS A climbing book called The complete guide to rope techniques by Nigel Shepherd. This has some useful information on how to tie tape knots...
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    DD and Snugpak underblankets

    Hi I'm also looking at getting underblanket for my Hennessy hammock. Thinking of a UK Hammocks winter down version. Anyone got experience of using these with a Hennessy hammock (mine is an...
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    Hi from Yorkshire

    I'm originally from Scotland but have been living in North Leeds for the last 8 years Enjoy most outdoor activities Walking mountaineering canoeing kayaking sailing skiing cycling camping etc. Also cutting things burning things tieing/knotting things and cooking things. But I seem to spend...