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    Black Friday deals - possibly not very good ones!

    Not that anyone here is going to fall for the black Friday con but in case you are here is one you might not know about. Garphyttan have a sale on until the 29th. Not sure what their kit is like but it's Swedish so likely to be decent for serious outdoor use. Possibly natural fibres too...
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    Warm and non-surplus parkas for UK use - for females

    My partner wants to get a warm coat like a parka. She keeps mentioning Didrikson. She has a cheaper make one and it's cold even now. Anyone know a good parka for her or where to get one that's good value? Hopefully not ones that are £300+++. Also most definitely not surplus. She's so far from...
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    Grisport boots - any good?

    I am looking at a new pair of safety boots for work and spotted a good deal on grisport contractor boots. S3 and about 700g size 8 plus they look narrow in fit as you'd expect with Italian boots. Apparently Volvo and coca cola gives their employees this boot. Most popular in Europe but I've not...
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    Low volume safety boots??

    I wear safety boots at work and they're in need of replacement. Work buys cheap and nasty boots or give you an allowance of up to £25 to get your own. Either way every safety boots I've had can't tighten up enough to grip my foot without 3 or more footbeds in them. Length is spot on, couldn't be...
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    Work wear for outdoor wear?

    It's been discussed in other in other threads but I don't recall a specific thread about it, but has anyone got work wear recommendations that's good enough for outdoor use? It seems to me that you can spend a fortune to get tough, outdoor clothing such as fjellraven trousers but work wear...
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    Magnifying glass fire lighting with ice??

    I'm curious, is it myth or truth that you can make a lens out of ice and use it to light a fire. Has anyone read about or seen a video of someone doing this?
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    NT kids den kit cheaper options??

    Found out NT sell a neat looking kid's den kit. It's a small shoulder bag like those canvas old style army bags. Inside it's got a tarp, groundsheet, pegs, natural cordage, small wooden mallet etc. It's £40 all in. My question is can you put together such a kit that's better for £40 or less?
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    Moral or other question regarding visits into lower COVID tier area.

    We're in a tier 3 area but actual infection rate we live in is as low as neighbouring tier 1 area (North Lancashire to South Cumbria). This should mean that actions the tier 1 habitants can do carry the same risks as if we do it too. For example visiting public gardens or parks over the border...
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    Trees in your garden, do you make use of them?

    I'm curious about this. I'm reading a book on woodland craft and it got me thinking whether anyone makes use of their trees. I'm not thinking of fruit trees but woodland trees. Do you have any that you've cut back which then started growing rods? Did you cut them off for spoiling the look of the...
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    I've been looking at buying a billhook. It amazes me how so few DIY, hardware and garden centres stock them. So far I have found no retailer near me that stocks them. They are very useful tools I think and whilst being especially useful in forestry and hedgelaying occupations I think I will find...
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    Eyelet press dies, details needed.

    Anyone know about hand press riveting or eyeletting? We've inherited a hand press but it looks like there's not the full set of dies. What are the cutting dies like compared to the eyelet dies? We've worked out the eyelet dies and have a load of other bits but not sure about the cutting. There...
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    Home woodland den?

    I've got a soon to be 8 year old son and we're going to be moving into a new house with a garden. It's a decent size, sloping with a few flattish seating positions and heavily wooded with trees and shrubs. I'm not sure what's exactly there but from memory there's likely to be a few things to cut...
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    Tool advice for garden?

    Ok new house offer is in and we're determined to win this house and move in asap. Garden needs work. Overgrown by trees, shrubs and ground plants. Lots of cutting and possibly grubbing things up like roots to allow replanting or clearing to creat a lawn. Land is fairly steeply sloping such that...
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    Hellvellyn with a 7 year old.

    Thinking of getting out early and travelling up to the lake District for a walk? We're no longer but walkers since our son was born. Mostly shorter walks around Arnside and Silverdale AONB with a few Lakes walks like up and down Wansfell (as far as we all feel like going at least), loughrigg...
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    Best option for upgrading winter sleeping arrangements?

    We've all got good, 3 season bags, I have a zero comfort rated and -7C rated quilt. Both in XL. My partner has one lightweight at + a few degrees and be a big, down winter bag used in Eastern Europe in winter conditions, but it's lost its performance somewhat after 20 years use. So, not much...
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    What are snugpak sleeping bags like?

    Are these any good? I'm usually a down bag person but wondering if snugpak bags are any good. If I'm buying synthetic I believe ME lamina range has a good reputation I believe. Back in the day Ajungilak bags had a good rep for synthetic. I've been always bought down since first being able to...
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    Colder weather van camping options?

    A bit cool last night in the van. My bag is supposedly zero rated, well 30F, but I read cold last night in the van parked up near Keswick. It's a down inner fill with primaloft outer insulation layer, American brand. My son's bag is a 3 or 4 C rated and he seriously doesn't feel cold but did...
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    Compasses and trammels?

    I need a marking tool for drawing arcs and circles at work. Point one end and ability to hold a pencil or marker the other end, perhaps those pencil lead points. I used to have an engineering drawing beam compasses capable of 300mm diameter circles. I need something capable of 600mm diameter...
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    Stove for use outside van?

    Just got a part conversion on a Vauxhall Vivaro. No kitchen but most of rest of it done. What would you carry in it for a brew? When camping we'd just use one of many camping stoves but I was thinking of something stashed for when we stop and want a brew. Or when first pitching up with the van...
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    Silky Saws - what's the difference between cheap and extortionate???

    I've been looking on Amazon for silky saws having read people recommending them on here for starter kit. I've seen various versions and a wide range of prices from £20 to well over £100. The expensive ones do look better materials but not sure the expensive ones are that much better than the...