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    Nalgene/guyot backpacker - uk suppliers?

    I think you can boil water with it, bit weird that it is associated with Nalgene famed for their BPP free plastics. Might have to look into these myself.
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    O S Mapping for iPhone ? Which is the best value for money ?

    Playing with View Ranger now, pretty good so far, free open street maps and cycle maps always handy and a big cache for offline use. Thanks for the tip always nice to have some alternatives.
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    O S Mapping for iPhone ? Which is the best value for money ?

    In my humble experience there are no great options. All are very expensive for maps that are YEARS out of date and desperately need updating. Look at a regular OS map and then check out the same area with open street maps and you'll see what I mean. Thankfully most paths don't change for decades...
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    Picked up a bad burn recently as well stupidly trying to fill two metal cups at the same time full of boiling water (not to self put them on the floor before pouring!). I needed antibiotics, burns get infected very quickly especially when you are outside doing mucky jobs like bushcraft. I found...
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    Horsefly bites

    Never been affected in previous years, but this year does seem worse, they are everywhere and seem to be intent on eating me alive regardless of what repellent I use. While I appreciate the idea of letting them have their fill to save my suffering I would rather kill every last one of them I can...
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    Gps for geocache

    I use a Nexus 4 android phone with C:Geo and Memory Map and GPS Status and the Groundspeak bespoke app. I would happily go toe to toe with any GPSR device for a fraction of the price. The only downside for me is batteries with your Garmins and what not it's easy to swap batteries...
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    Greenman Bushcraft?

    Used several times and always impressed with their service. I have purchased "crazy" deals from them before and was very dubious at the time that the quality would suffer but I've never had cause to complain. As others have said if you want the best deals they are not the cheapest for everything...
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    BCUK Families Bushcraft Course Friday 29th- Sunday 31st March 2013

    I think it's worth reiterating that there is still time to book on this course, it's not been cancelled... YET! Can you do some more advertising for the course? (or perhaps poke people with sticks till they sign up?). We really don't want to miss out.
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    Article: Bushcraft Families Course Friday 1st June – Sunday 3rd June 2012

    Yes of course Tony, I hope it helps to encourage some more families to try it out.
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    Article: The return of outdoor play

    I found it really hard to get my kids involved in nature and wanting to go outdoors. That changed in a huge way when we discovered geocaching now the kids are asking to go on long walks around the countryside so they get the chance to find the "treasure" at the end of it. If you've not tried it...
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    Article: Bushcraft Families Course Friday 1st June – Sunday 3rd June 2012

    My review of the course:
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    The family and I are regular geocachers. We started last year and picked up around 250, this year our target is an additional 500 with 100 of those done in 24 hours. If you've not tried it you are missing out. As some others have said this is a great way to discover areas that you would...
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    New member from Oxfordshire

    Thanks for the heads up Kev I will look up Globetrotteruk at some point. I would do it now but I'm currently still treated as a new member which appears to be the digital equivalent of being hog tied in terms of access to view stuff ;)
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    New member from Oxfordshire

    Hey all, thought I would say hello. I'm a total newbie at bushcraft but it compliments some of my other hobbies very well. I am a geocacher and indoor wall climber. I will be taking my six year old son on the Bushcraft Families Course in June and we hope to put some of our new skills to good...
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    Article: Bushcraft Families Course Friday 1st June – Sunday 3rd June 2012

    I am booked in to go with the boy (aged 6) we are very excited and looking forward to it. Feel free to email me if you are going too.