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  1. MinTheLab

    TBS knife?

    Hi all, Good weekend I hope. I’m looking at buying a new knife, at the mo I’m using my gralloching knife fur bits on my new found camp. I don’t want to spend a fortune nor do I want to buy a dog of a blade. I’ve looked at the TBS knives and they seem good value given they have a nice sheath...
  2. MinTheLab

    Out with the dog and kids

    Well, I'm new to the forum, done lots of reading, picked up great ideas. If you haven't read my intro, I'm no bushcrafter yet! I live on the family farm with my family and dogs, the kids being farm kids like the outdoors and I decided to have a go at getting them involved, the whole idea came...
  3. MinTheLab


    Hello All, Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm from rural Nottinghamshire, I live on the family farm with my two young boys and daughter. I'm not a farmer, married into the farm, I'm from a nursing/health science background. I have a sheep flock, and generally help on the farm when needed so...