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    Cook kit conundrums

    My go to stove kit consists of -900 ml stainless steel mug with lid -super cat stove (cat food tin with holes punched in) for when I can't have a fire (I.e. most occasions) -90 ml bottle of methanol (enough for 6 cups of tea -jam jar lid stand for the stove to increase stability -ferro rod...
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    Mitten outer recommendations

    I have some old woollen thinsulate mitts, and a pair of very warm primaloft mitts. The latter are fragile and hopeless in the wet. Actually they both are. I don't want to splash out on a new pair of gloves (my heart says go get some hestra falt guide gloves but my wallet is about ready to walk...
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    Plant id - some kind of mint?

    I'm seeing a lot of this around in the woods at the moment: It has opposing leaves, and the stem is angular... Could call it square at a bit of a stretch. So I wondered if it was something in the mint family? It forms a a has no odor that I can make out...
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    Axe upgrade

    I've been making do with the only axe I've ever owned; a lousy hatchet from homebase that cost me a tenner a few years ago. I ground a new edge onto it a while back. I can shave with it no problem, but I can't get a whole lot more done with it. The head is also misaligned from the handle. So I'm...
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    More plant help needed

    I was out in the woods today and came across the following two plants, which I frequently see but have never managed to identify. The first one, I haven't a clue. The second one perhaps borage? Another photo of the second plant...
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    Some kind of umbellifer?

    I've noticed a new plant springing up around my area, in the south east. Unfortunately I can't post pictures. But it looks like cow parsley in terms of leaf structure. It has the grooved 'celery' like stalk that cow parsley has. No flowers of any kind, at least not yet. But I thought cow...
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    Heavy rain tarp and fire question

    Hi all. Imagine you're setting up a tarp shelter for the night under heavy rain and cold conditions. Do you a) go for a more 'closed' tarp pitch leaving the fire exposed to the elements or b) go for an open pitch e.g. plough point, which allows positioning a smal fire such that the tarp can keep...
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    Hedge garlic seeds

    I had a go at making mustard from hedge garlic seeds earlier this year. It tasted like mustard but it was a little terrifying. Anyone done anything else with these seeds? They're an easy forage and very abundant.
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    Paracord damage

    Hi all. I've got some 550 paracord - can't remember where I got it from. I tied a truckers hitch setting up a ridgeline a while back, and found that the action of tightening it 'crinkled' the sheath. It sort of bunched it up a bit from where it lies over the core strands. Any one else had this...
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    Flint and steel woes

    I'm looking for some tips on using flint and steel. I recently bought a 'pskook' one, one of those rectangular shaped steels with a divot for use as a bow drill bearing block. I decided I needed a break from bow drill and thought this would be worth a try, as I already have amadou and char...
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    Supercat success

    I've been toying with the idea of a stove-that-does-everything-I-want for a while now. I don't really live in a place where open fires are a possibility, so I've been after a system that will offer wood burner capabilities (which are a bit more feasible) plus the ability to act as an alcohol...
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    Magnifying glass and cramp ball

    I found a likely looking cramp ball or king Alfred's cake yesterday - which turned out to be a bit soft and moist on the inside and did not take a spark at all easily. Today I tried a magnifying glass on the same fungus and I had an ember in a few seconds. I'd always written off magnifying...
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    Tactical or traditional?

    I'm in the market for a new rucksack, something around 30 to 40L. I've always gone down the route of standard mountaineering or hiking-style rucksacks but I'm a bit bored of these, and there are many interesting looking 'tactical' style packs out there, by manufacturers such as 5.11 tactical...
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    Wildfoooduk videos

    Hello all. I'm sure many are aware, but for the benefit of those who aren't, have posted some 'back to basics' videos on wild edibles. They're very informative and great for whiling away a bit of social isolation time.
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    Bow drill and lockdown tea

    Inspired by Van-wild's recent post and suggestions on lubricating spindles, I decided to have a bit of a bow drill day today. I'm a novice, but starting to see progress. Bushcraft is teaching me the art of patience and practice, which I think can sometimes be forgotten as an adult. It seems to...
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    Lifecycle of a cramp ball fungus

    Hi all. I've been keeping an eye on a handful of crampballs (Daldinia concentrica) growing in some urban woodland near my home. I discovered them last December. Some are black and crumble under light pressure; the remainder are brown and vary in size from small to fairly big. There are no mature...
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    Firelighting failure

    Today I failed to light a fire - specifically a new wood gas stove - while out and about in the woods. I figure dispair will get me nowhere and I'm better off treating this as a learning opportunity. Two things conspired against me; children, and high winds. I can deal with one or the other...
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    Fjallraven skogso padded jacket

    I was lucky enough to get a fjallraven skogso jacket for Christmas and having worn it regularly since, I thought it would be worth posting a review of it. I've always been a beleiver in a modular system such as down jacket + gortex shell (or equivalents), which does me for town, bushcraft...
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    Wood ears

    Hi all. Has anyone had any luck cooking wood ears? I love finding these in the wild. I have rehydrated and boiled them but they turn out quite slimy and not very appetising. Any advice on cooking these will be gratefully received.
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    Mini ferrorod struggles

    I've been on a bit of a bushcraft spending spree these last couple of weeks. One of things I bought was a pack of mini ferrorods (leen4you) which are meant for toggles etc. I had the idea that I could attach one to my keys with jute twine - and combined with Chapstick which I always have in my...