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  1. moa_shooter

    An Afternoon of Cross Country Skiing

    I thought I would take advantage of the recent snowfall and spend the afternoon cross country skiing. Came across a group playing hockey on the pond which was appropriate since it was "Hockey Day" in Canada when this was filmed yesterday. There is a little bit of bushcraft content at the end...
  2. moa_shooter

    Staghorn Sumac Bowdrill

    I don't believe you have sumac growing in the UK but I thought you would find this interesting. While practicing friction fire using the bowdrill I was able to blow the ember into flame without a tinder bundle or coal extender .
  3. moa_shooter

    Teflon as a Bearing Block for Bow and Drill

    My favorite bearing block for bow and drill friction fire is made from Teflon. I had some left over from a telescope build and made these two up. The larger one is just held as is in the hand with the middle finger through the lanyard. This one is a knife fob that is held as shown...
  4. moa_shooter

    Survival Bracelet

    Haven't posted much here so I thought I'd show this survival bracelet I made recently following the Paracordist's tutorial and patterned after his "Best Survival Bracelet". Woodland camo paracord with jute twine woven through and a ferro rod toggle. I didn't have anything for a scraper but am...
  5. moa_shooter

    Hello from the Land of "The True North Strong and Free"

    I presently reside in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada and have enjoyed the outdoors since I was a boy. Spent my early childhood in Africa where my parents were missionaries in Swaziland. I am a British citizen and hope to do more traveling and camping in the UK when I retire. My interests include...