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  1. Forgeways

    How do i change my profile name?

    Is there a way I can change my name tall.trees to forgeways? I've been forgeways for so long now the old name is a bit irrelevant? Regards, Neil. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Forgeways

    For Sale Dave Budd hand forged bushcraft knife

    Hi, to make a few funds for my new Nic Westermann axe i am selling my Dave Budd knife. This knife was hand forged at the Bushmoot festival in 2017 by Dave Budd on the hand pumped forge. It is full tang with a cool scrol detail to the tail of the knife. I have added welsh oak scales with epoxy...
  3. Forgeways

    Was anyone the Charity Auction run by Chef

    Just a quick one, Was anyone at the charity auction when towards the end a very kind chap put in an offer to make a firesteel? Just wanted to track down the chap (may have been a Rich). Regards, Neil.
  4. Forgeways

    Terra Nova Quasar mountain tent

    Hi all, Anybody got any interest in a Terra Nova Quasar tent, if so I will put up some pictures when the sun shines long enough :) These are awesome robust tents, had little use and need some shiny bits for the Landy, so asking £120 all in delivered to your door by FedEx. Best regards, Neil.
  5. Forgeways

    Wine drinking help required

    Hi all, Jayne and myself are going to run a quick and simple recycled beeswax tea light making event at the Bushmoot this year, with the intention of holding a lantern making competition and judging at the communal meal. However I recon I need to be taking materials to make 200 tea lights, now...
  6. Forgeways

    Mid Wales Bushcraft Show

    Hi All, Anyone going along to this i know i am and a good friend too. Hopefully a few of us can meet up and say hello in person, hopefully it will be a good guage of whats what in the area and a way to build up something more...
  7. Forgeways

    Another last minute plea

    Hi All, Long story but as bizare events would have it my dad is in Swansea hospital and i will need to be visiting him for the whole of the Moot, therefore i need to come in the car and not the truck with roof rack. My question is this can i cut a 9ft pole from the woods for my vintage scout...
  8. Forgeways

    Kayaks at the MOOT?

    Hi All, Like some this will be my first time and will be using it as family holiday as well as a bushcraft learning experience. I will look to bring my two folding kayaks down to have a potter up and down the estuary and to fish etc, but my question is this: In relation to the Moot location...
  9. Forgeways

    Shangri la 3 or 5 swap for TN quasar

    Hi all, Off paddling the Caledonia Canal with my wife in august and need the camping to be roomy, incase of bad weather, delayed paddling and or serious mozzy attack. As we are packing boats and kit back and forth on the sleeper train, larger shelters are just too heavy and pack big...
  10. Forgeways

    Gouge for plate making confusion

    Hi all, Looking towards christmas pressie time. After reading the article in the latest Bushcraft magazine regarding "a platter to flatter" i would like to try my hand at some rectangular bowl type plates. Achieving the flat blank of wood is ok, but then i need to carve the bowl. Article...
  11. Forgeways

    Gutting and hanging?

    So quick question thats been bothering me for ages and never seems to be answered in any books: Should you gut your rabbits, pigeons, pheasants, before hanging them?
  12. Forgeways

    Candle/torch making recipes

    Hi all, For a christmas present a local and very talented blacksmith made me a garden torch/candle holder. In its simplest term its a 2m long 12mm thick bar with a cone on the top and you push the whole thing into the ground. The cone is about 75mm long and 30mm across the open end tapering...
  13. Forgeways

    Jackets swap for fly gear

    Hi all, Will post some pictures but i have a large craghoppers aquadry soft shell in oxblood colour and a gortex with removable wolly bear type inner (danish army??) waterproof both in very good condition but would like to swap a fly fishing rod and reel if possible. Regards, Tall Trees
  14. Forgeways

    Has anyone made a fishing net before?

    Hi all, This is my fist post but what i was really after was to know if anyone had made a landing type fishing net before and could offer some info on tying nets and what to make frames and handles out of? Long hazel perhaps bent and tied? Cheers, TT