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  1. stinger

    anybody know anything about this?? (pic heavy)

    Hey all, I'v recently found this knife in the house, i believe it came from an old army surplus shop that used to be near us but i'm not too sure. The handle is plastic and in the pouch there was a very small emergancy snare and fishing kit. I havn't measured the blade but at a guess its...
  2. stinger

    Bushcraft & survival skills mag date on sale???

    Hey guys, So eejit i am i was leaving the house with SWMBO and was talking my copy of this mag with me to read in the car when i was waiting on her. When leaving one of the dogs got out and i put the mag on top of the car in order to heard it in. And i'm sure you can guess what happened...
  3. stinger

    Overnighter in Donard forest. (pic heavy)

    Hey guys just wanted to show some pics of a recent overnighter (and my first i should add) in Donard forest with BigE. Was a great day for it, we camped just at the top of the tree line at the foot of the mountain near the "ice house". We managed to get some smoke from a bow drill too BONUS. My...
  4. stinger

    Overnighter in Donard forest.

  5. stinger

    Plans for being in forests after dark

    Hi guys, sorry if this shouldnt be posted (mods feel free to remove if needed :)) And sorry if something similar has been posted Basically you may or may not have heard that the forestry commision here in northern ireland are planning on banning access to our TAX paid national forests after...
  6. stinger

    A little walk around Murlough nature reserve (pic heavy)

    Thought i would put up a few pictures of a recent dander arount Murlough nature reserve. This has got to be one of my favourite places to go because it has a bit of everything in it and honestly the following pictures don't really do the place justice. The start of the trail we were following...
  7. stinger

    Food for free heads up

    Hi all, Just a heads up that 'THE WORKS' or bargain books as it used to be here is selling Richard Mabeys food for free the normal collins version not the gem version, for £3.99 but when i got to the till it was £2.99 BONUS!!!!!
  8. stinger

    A question of hips and hammocks

    Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I was just wondering if anybody has problems with their hips when they are using a hammock. I ask this because i have osteomyelitis in my hip and bought a hammock in the recent dd group buy and it never dawned on my to consider my hip. So i was...
  9. stinger

    Castle Espie heads up

    I was looking at the Castle Espie website at the events section. ON the 29th May the have an event called Mesolithic Man. I sent an email asking for details of the event and its organised by local people with outdoor survival skills and it will include flint and steel firelighting etc, There...
  10. stinger

    anybody use this hammock setup?

    Hi guys, So sorry if this has been mentioned i'v tried searching and cant seem to find any info. Having bought my first hammock in the recent group buy. I'v been looking at the various set ups for it especially bushblades one. But i came across this one on which uses tree huggers. I was...
  11. stinger

    happy paddies day

    Happy St. Patricks day bushcrafters!!!!!!!!
  12. stinger

    My first knife

    Hi guys, I'v finally managed to finish my knife and sheath from the kit SWMBO got me for christmas. I really enjoyed the process and i'v begun to source materails to make another. The knife is just a standard 9cm stick tang with brass bolster, piece of antler and curly birch finished with...
  13. stinger

    chip in the blade

    I have just finished my first knife (ill post pics when the sheath dries) and when i took off the tape on the blade i noticed there is a very small chip in the blade its not huge but when you look for it you can see it, most likely caused by my over zealous use of the rasp lol. Will a waterstone...
  14. stinger

    First walking staff

    Hi all, Following my previous couple of threads id like to show my first walking staff. I bought the shank and other bits from stickman as i was too impatiant to wait on my wood seasoning (going to make more when this happens). Not anywhere near as good as any i'v seen on here but given that...
  15. stinger

    Another staff question. sorry :)

    hey all, following on from a previous post regarding some help making my first staff. I ordered a nice 54" hazel shank while the wood i collected seasons. So my question is about finishing it. I'm going to remove all the loose bark with a small piece of wire wool now all the guides i have read...
  16. stinger

    Useful site for northern ireland

    Came across a great site while trying to identify the excact species of deer i spotted at the side of a road (walking past not road kill). Has a variety of animals on in aswell as where they can be spotted and information including sounds and tracking.
  17. stinger

    Book on plants

    Hey all, I am looking for a book about plants. I would ideally like it to contain information on identifying the plant mainly, but also id like it to contain information on if its edible or not and the uses it can be put to eg. Antibacterial properties, soapwort etc. Thanks for any...
  18. stinger

    Making a walking staff

    So iv been wanting to make a staff for a while now. I know the types of wood that are usually used blackthorn, hazel etc, just wondering if you can use birch, willow or any other wood so long as its straight enough??
  19. stinger

    Knife making kit

    Hey guys, After many many many hints dropped SWMBO got me a knife making kit for crimbo. Nothing overly fancy just a "starter kit" containing leather, thread, brass bolster, antleer piece and 9cm carbon blade. Looking forward to doing it but i have a few questions so here goes. 1) Can...
  20. stinger

    book recommendation

    Hi guys, looking for a couple of good novels to start reading obviously with the subject of bushcraft and survival, i would prefare it to be based on true events but it doesnt have to be. Constantly finding myself with nothing to read and to be honest theres only so many sports biographies a...