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  1. Idleknight

    Home made wax fire starters

    Hello, So I started a thread on making a specific type of fire starter and people have suggested other types. Now the reason for the original thread was I was looking into a specific type to experiment as I had done a number of the more traditional home made fire starters. So I thought I...
  2. Idleknight

    DIY live fire emergency fire starter

    Hello, I quite like the look of the live fire tins and fancy making my own version. Link for reference for anyone who hasn't seen the live fire tins So it looks like a sliding tin which is...
  3. Idleknight

    Alpkit big shakeout

    Barely unpacked from the last event, this gone weekend I did the alpkit big shakeout. I assume most people on here know who Alpkit are as they do adverts on this site. They also do an event in partnership with Thornbridge outdoors in the peak district. I had heard about the event a couple...
  4. Idleknight

    Week long bushcraft adventure Isle of Arran

    I've done a 3 other courses with Jack Raven before and was interested in their longer courses and going to Arran. I spotted that this year their trip to the Isle of Arran in Scotland tied up with my Birthday. I put a bit aside each month, to make sure I get away on an adventure each year, so...
  5. Idleknight

    Wilderness gathering 2016

    As I had not seen a thread for the wilderness gathering, I thought I would start one. Its the 4th year for me, but I must admit It was a bit of a strange one for me. I have only ever been before with the kids and this year they were away with their mum. Was strange and I did miss them...
  6. Idleknight

    Wild camping style site in Leicestershire

    Hello, I've got a week long bushcraft course coming up in September, going with my girlfriend. While my girlfriend enjoys camping at festivals, her back can play up after a day or two. So we planned this weekend away for her to have her first Hammock camping experience. She has played...
  7. Idleknight

    Board/Card games while camping

    I was at a festival this weekend with the kids. Having a big white canvas bell tent is great, so if it is raining, we can play games and do other activities in the tent. So for this weekend I packed, love letters and flux which are both card games. I also sometimes take a normal pack of cards...
  8. Idleknight

    Wild Australia with Ray Mears series

    Missed it last night, but have just spotted its on ITV catchup. Looks to be 1 of 6 of a series in Australia.
  9. Idleknight

    Position available at young pathfinders

    Hope this is the right place to post, as the young pathfinders are based in the Midlands it made the most sense. I'm not associated with the young pathfinders at all. I took my kids on a den building event a while back and we had a lot of fun. I know we often get threads on the forum about...
  10. Idleknight

    Adventure and travel overland show 2014 27th to 28th of September I had planned to do Alpkit's event, but that had been cancelled. However I have the holiday booked so was looking for something else. I spotted the guys from the Wilderness gathering have a stand there and thought it might be...
  11. Idleknight

    Loom Bands!

    My two kids love the bands and spent all their pocket money on them. Its nice to see them making things and sharing them. Is anyone else suffering in this new craze taking over the country? I have found the bands or a bracelet to be handy for marking kit, so we know who it belongs to. Has...
  12. Idleknight

    Fit Bit

    Has anybody got any experience of the fit bit? specifically looking at the flex With working long shifts on different hours/nights, I am keen to use the functions to monitor my sleep and also use the alarm so I don't wake up my partner. I also want to monitor and...
  13. Idleknight

    Anyone else free during the week

    Hello, I work a rolling crazy shift, so work a few weekends, the weekends I don't work I have the kids and normally we have plans (will try to make a meet soon). However I often get days off in the week. For example next week I'm working nights from home (so free in the day time) and have...
  14. Idleknight

    Adventure 1000 - In 2015

    So After making some savings here and there, I decided to start putting away £20 a week as inspired by Adventure 1000 So I know I will have about a grand, will only be able to get a week off work. The other details I am working on at the...
  15. Idleknight

    Ibiza May half term 2014

    Hello, I'm over there with my kids (girls 6 and 8 at the time) and for my brothers wedding. We are staying in a Villa, but I thought it would be a good chance to get to sleep on a beach in a bivi bag and also do some things with the kids. I've done a search on here and have started to...
  16. Idleknight

    Online course based on the walking dead TV show/Zombie appocalypse Spotted while browsing the BBC news
  17. Idleknight

    Hello from the Midlands

    I have been camping in one form or another for years, it started with music festival camping and has also been reenactment and larp. I had to stop for a few years as I had some little people come into my life, but now once again I am getting out. My girls who are 5 and 7 have been joining me...