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  1. Ed Edwards

    Fallkniven S1 Sheath

    Well... I have just received a picture of my new S1 Sheath from the maker ( and all I can say is 'wow'. Can't wait to receive and use it. I'll post a quick review of his work when it arrives. Ed Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. Ed Edwards

    Fallkniven S1

    So, with Fallkniven selling their last few S1 Blanks and every intention to discontinue the line is it worth getting a couple for investment sake? After all a nice S1 with wood/micarta scales is a beautiful thing :) If you look back on BB you see that the S1 was only £55 not that long ago and...
  3. Ed Edwards

    Free Jet Boil

    Saw this on British Blades. I've just subscribed, it seems to be a no brainer to be honest!
  4. Ed Edwards

    Sharps on EasyJet

    Can anyone advise? I'm off to Spain on Monday and want to take some Bushcrafting stuff with me. That consists of all the normal bits and bobs, but most importantly my beloved knives. Now I've actually packed a cheap Mora as I'm worried about confiscations, however upon reading the EasyJet...
  5. Ed Edwards

    A must have Survival Kit..... apparently :)

    Just seen this and it looks extremely useful so I thought I'd better share before we're overwhelmed by Zombies..........
  6. Ed Edwards

    Water Purification Tablets

    Has anyone heard of a problem regarding the use of Oasis Water Purification Tablets in metal containers? I found a single review on Amazon that mentioned there was an issue with it and only plastic should be used. They mentioned it stated this in the instructions, but I can find no such...
  7. Ed Edwards

    Becker BK2 Micarta Handles.....

    Hi Does anyone know where I can get hold of some Micarta Scales for my BK2? Even Heinnie Haynes can't seem to get them! I've found them in the US, but the postage doubles the price. Any help would be very much appreciated. Ed
  8. Ed Edwards

    Hello from Oxford!

    Hi. I'm newly retired from the Armed Forces and currently annoying my Wife by 'loitering'. I'm new to Bushcraft, but not to sleeping rough. I'd like to meet other likeminded people, build up my skills and generally have relaxing days and nights away. I'm a hammock camper, but I appreciate...