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  1. Matt Weir

    Cegga BR Hunter axe - Charity Raffle

    Well done Rich, congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone involved :) Woz888 can you pm me your address and I'll get your prize posted ;)
  2. Matt Weir

    Cegga BR Hunter axe - Charity Raffle

    *UPDATE* I've just bottled the sloe gin and had a very wee dram and am pleased to say it's bloody lovely :)
  3. Matt Weir

    Ray Mears on ready steady cook!

    Totally agree, finish them with a minute in a frying pan with butter and some lardons of crispy streaky smoked bacon and it's the best bit of a Sunday roast/Christmas lunch!
  4. Matt Weir

    Cegga BR Hunter axe - Charity Raffle

    Rich, Can I also offer an additional runner up prize of a bottle of my homemade sloe gin? I've not tried it myself yet so can't say how good it is but the offer is there. Matt.
  5. Matt Weir

    Any guitar players?

    I don't class myself as a guitar player but like to tinker about. Only axe (musically speaking) I have at present is my Epiphone SG but the old boy has been in virtual hibernation for the last decade and a half. If I fancy a quick play then I grab one of the cheap acoustics I bought for the...
  6. Matt Weir

    Stoopid jokes

    Just had a Tarka Massala from the local curry house. It's like a Tikka Massala only... It's a little 'otter!
  7. Matt Weir

    Free kit if you want it

    Hi Rob, I also wish you well mate. To be honest folks here would probably not take up such a kind offer as they are all too nice for their own good :) I'd suggest listing the kit then asking for a minimum donation that you could give to a charity then you get rid of unused bits, someone here...
  8. Matt Weir

    RWS AIR PISTOL - C225 Rare silver version + lots of bits

    PM sent but I'll check back tomorrow. Getting my head down now :)
  9. Matt Weir

    Track Identification Help

    Cat with its dewclaws extended on purpose for stability due to the slippy underfoot conditions?
  10. Matt Weir

    Cegga BR Hunter axe - Charity Raffle

    Nice one that's £200 raised so far.
  11. Matt Weir

    Cegga BR Hunter axe - Charity Raffle

    Hi Shewie, I like your style mate. I'll go with 38 & 39 can you PM me your PP details please mate? 1. Darkside 2. Paolo 3. Xunil 4. Trunks 5. lmanton 6. Paolo 7. Snarf 8. Xunil 9. Bluemerle 10. bonzodog 11. Xunil 12. Claudiasboris 13. Lostplanet 14. SimonM 15. pwb 16. Shogun...
  12. Matt Weir

    New Ray Mears TV series???

    Quite a bit of the for and against regarding the series seems to be bushcraft versus wildlife. This seems an oxymoron as they are surely the same sides of the same coin? As far as I have seen, it is a wildlife orientated series which suits me yet in some ways harks back to Rays early programs...
  13. Matt Weir

    There is a thief amongst us !!

    That is a sad thing as peolple have said :( I know I haven't managed to get to any meets recently yet I have always had 100% trust in members I have met and never thought twice when I've left kit beneath my tarp. I feel really bad for anyone who did attend especially SimonM, putting myself in...
  14. Matt Weir

    sheaths for 'argos axe'

    Quick note to say I have taken delivery of my mask and a fine job it is. I'd recommend Graham's work to interested folks.
  15. Matt Weir

    sad or not

    The reality is that most of us for most of time aren't out living the dream and look to BCUK to fill that huge gap between those small grabs of nirvana.
  16. Matt Weir

    essential kit advice

    Dean - you know the drill - shelter, warmth, water, food. There are a squillion combo's depending on circumstance ranging from a pasty from Greg's to catching/trapping/foraging bits with dirt on - it's all foraging. You're best bet is to dig through the archives. Hope you have a good trip and...
  17. Matt Weir

    Poo poo picture. Boar?

    I can't see the poo! (Not a sentence i usually would write on a forum - or say in 'real' life come to think about it LOL)
  18. Matt Weir

    Happy Birthday Wayland

    A happy belated birthday wish Gary.
  19. Matt Weir

    Arctic canoe expedition 2010 - northern sweden

    Stunningly beautiful, thanks for posting :)