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  • Hey Guest, We've had to cancel our 2020 Summer BushMoot PLEASE LOOK HERE for more information.
  1. Cap'n Badger

    Moot 2020 Is it or is it not

    This crate of kraken will have t wait till the next one.....(as if)
  2. Cap'n Badger

    Moot 2020 Is it or is it not

    Your moot is cancelled......mine is 30 mins away......;)
  3. Cap'n Badger

    Packing ready...

    i needs a bigger battle may have t' leave out the microwave. ;)
  4. Cap'n Badger

    Naughty Corner theme 2018

    Yeah, Saturday Gary.....for me...all day.....for others, just the
  5. Cap'n Badger

    Catapult competition at the Moot

    Got hit in the chest by one of those water catties that year....:) Will we need t' bring mint imperial contributions tony?
  6. Cap'n Badger

    Shearin' the mane. there's an experience well worth forgettin. Lol Hopefully the clippers will do the trick..failing that.....there are alternative shaving items available. :)
  7. Cap'n Badger

    Shearin' the mane.

    A month (almost) t' go....thanks for all yer donations shipmates. Looking forward t' it ;)
  8. Cap'n Badger

    Shearin' the mane.

    Well....clippers have been purchased. Hair cutting shipmates have been chosen. Gold collection is rising beyond my initial target choice.... Not long t' go now peeps......
  9. Cap'n Badger

    Naughty Corner theme 2018

    ''Tis just a night of dress up shipmate.....there may be the odd 'small incendiary' and a robin Williams quote bandied about....but ''tis mainly about rum an' clothing...;) It gets picked by those who attend every year.... :)
  10. Cap'n Badger

    Shearin' the mane.

    Ahoy Rob, Yes, already plotted that line fella. Unfortunately me noggin mane be 'unsuitable' fer wiggage makin'. Due t' it being too thin in structure liken. Perhaps an African type fly swish be the order fer recycling says I...:)
  11. Cap'n Badger

    Shearin' the mane.

    Ahoy shipmates, As per the title...I am gearing up fer a charity hair cut at the moot this year. Not a decision that I am takin' lightly, but fer 30 years I have always said that 'ifin me noggin mane starts lettin' in light'....time fer a shearing. So, gonna sort a worthy charity and post...
  12. Cap'n Badger

    Naughty Corner theme 2018

    Costume....tick NC camp 'Nam' look and design....tick Packed and re-packed...x3...tick. Lol
  13. Cap'n Badger


  14. Cap'n Badger

    Naughty Corner theme 2018

    Ahoy all. As decided by those that were there man.... ..The naughty Corner theme for 2018 is 'Nam' (as in Vietnam). So brush off that old copy of 'apocalypse now' and 'Good morning Vietnam' and get some arrr 'n dee in preparation fer yer cossie. Cap'n.
  15. Cap'n Badger

    Those green lasers.

    Got asked a lot this past two weeks about 'them lasers'. Here is the link. admin, feel free t' close this thread if it contravenes guidelines. no affiliations t' seller...just where I got mine.
  16. Cap'n Badger

    A wanderer returns

    Ahoy fella.....:)
  17. Cap'n Badger

    BcUK Photograph of 2014 competition November heat

    leaves 'at rest' their work done.
  18. Cap'n Badger

    Horn neckies..

    Sorted Stu.....
  19. Cap'n Badger

    Ox horn neckies.

    Lol...Thank 'e Collin.....finally got to it's owner after all... you see a gem...I see had to modify the design so it wouldn't all just drop out after cutting.... just looked at my last post on here...2010!...apart from a couple made at the moot last year...done nothing for...