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    Article on the life of Mors Kochanski in American Frontiersman magazine

    It was mentioned in the local newspaper so I picked up the magazine and there's a multi-page article on Mors.
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    Heads up on Sawvivor and Trailblazer saws.

    I've been getting lots of email on these take down bucksaws, since the company has gone under and the special blades to fit such saws are being bought up in quantity. So if you have one check for extra blades now...
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    Ray Mears on YouTube

    I noticed this was put up just before Xmas: Vintage Ray Mears Karamat Wilderness Ways Published on Dec 23, 2014 Filmed by Lars Falt in 1995 in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden at the International Survival Conference that was hosted by the Swedish Army. There...
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    Heads Up on a Good Movie - Kickstarter

    First the link: I got to know about these folks through watching a Ben Fogle show "New...
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    Optimizing a Mora

    I was watching some reviews of Moras on You tube where steel type was considered as a possibility for explaining differences on how knives moved through wood.It struck me that the obvious reason was more likely tiny imperfections in grind. Many years ago toward the end of the...
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    I just got email from Jean-Marc that the system was hacked today. The main entry page is still up but database unavailable for between a week and a month.
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    Sharpness, shaving and methods

    I've shaved with just about everything from a pink disposable through various high tech electric razors to straight razors and knives. About the only time I got enthusiastic about shaving was when my electic razor gave out and so I had to get a barber shave on the way to work. I was pretty...