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    Compact tool kit

    I've been putting together a compact tool kit, primarily intended for group camping (and events involving shelters and cooking). I think I've got most of the things I wanted to cover, though would like a small saw capable of cutting small bolts/tent poles. I'm looking at doing something with a...
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    Replacing tent poles

    A section of my aluminium tent pole snapped on the last trip. It's not an especially expensive tent but seems worth fixing. If I get a whole new pole they seem to have fewer sections for the length and I'll still need to trim. Would you just cut down the end section or take some off each? (The...
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    British Blades down

    Or is it just me
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    thread reply issue

    I can reply to them but once I've replied it doesn't take me back to the thread. I have to press the back button a few tims and refesh the page to see it (or go to view other threads) Seems a bit odd but ho hum
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    Orb Raw NS Cree XR-E review (torch)

    what a long name for a torch. It's made by Orb which is a UK company Raw NS is the name of the torch (NS standa for nickle silver) and Cree XR-E is the type of LED it uses. I posted the review on britishblades but think that since the low power gives you almost 30hours of use with the high power...
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    paramo wash/reproof advice

    I've had my paramo jacket for a little over a year and noticed it getting a bit damp round the cuffs so thought it's time for a wash and reproof. I've got the little packets of nixwak stuff to do this and will do it by hand (I'll also do my biking jacket in the water afterwards) Trouble is I...
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    Guycep bushcrafter review

    I should warn you that this review rambles on a bit, it also has lots of pictures as I was playing with a new DSLR I’m not really sure what is now considered a bushcraft knife, calling a knife a bushcraft knife is now a bit like calling any large blade knife a bowie knife, I thought I’d call it...
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    rep system and how it's used

    I've just noitced this comment for neg rep in my CP "Strongly disagree, maybe "collector" knifes can't cope but "users" should." my post that caused this "I like the mini grips myself I wouldn't use any folder with a baton though" I don't see how this is worthy of neg rep. Also I feel that...
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    first aid kits-what not to use

    We all know we should have up to date training and a good first aid kit but things change very fast. Anyway what bits of kit should we replace with something else? for example I carry zink oxide tape to use on myself but wouldn't use it on someone else incase they might react to it. Also I...
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    shoes for wider feet

    my current clarks active air mid high shoes are wearing out and they don't make them anymore. I'm after a pair of mids for knocking about in the outdoors in that are good for a person with wide feet. I'm normaly a size 8 but sometimes a 7.5G/H I don't want to spend a vast amount but think I...
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    marine tuff cloth group buy

    Closed Thanks for looking
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    Sharpening - some tips I've compiled

    I was asked to write an article some time time ago for someone. I've been tidying it up a little and hope that it will help some people. A fair chunk of it will be a repat of what others have said but there are some tricks that I haven't come across on the net. Sharpening Andrew Longden...
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    can't reply to a thread

    I can't reply to the thread Knife saver :confused:
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    5minute MOD

    take one MOD blade and some handle bar tape for a road bike and hey presto I knife costing under £20
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    Eka W11

    right I'm sure people will have noticed I've been trying to get my hands on one for a while. Then the sebenza came up so I'm having to sell it right away very good knife which has only taken a few hairs off my arm to check that it's sharp, never even cut paper!! It comes in a very nice box...
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    Eka H8 SOLD

    I bought this off a member here but then the sebenza sale came up so this has to go. No damage to either the knife or sheath and I'm told it has only seen slight use. It hasn't been sharpened at all though the belly could do with a touch up. I didn't want to fiddle as some folks prefer it that...
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    reprofiling a F1

    Much as I like the F1 (including the handle which some find a little thin) I do think that the edge isn't right for my needs. I would like a more acute edge and think that a more scandi like grind might suit me better. I know others have already done similar stuff with theirs but seem to be...
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    WANTED EKA Knife - Nordic W11

    I've just got the smaller one and have decided that I'd like to try the this one I'm not botherd about it being in as new condition so long as it's in fair condition. I'm willing to pay money or give a part exchange of some knives I have (might include the EKA H8) I might also be able to...
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    I've done a search and noticed that a number of people do use it but haven't found out much else. Is it as good as the salesman says it is? Will it stand up to heavy rain. I tend to get quite hot. Might I have trouble with it being the only layer? It looks more comfy to use next to a tshirt...
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    MRE 24hour veggi option

    I assume there is one. I've seen a few menus with one veggi meal but not a 24hr pack. Is there a simple letter I should look out for?