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  1. _scorpio_


    couldnt really be more last minute, but if your in the south east/kent and after something to do this weekend we (regia anglorum) are doing a viking/saxon re-enactment weekend at our permenant site in wildwood park. more info here: and...
  2. _scorpio_


    an interesting week full of ants for me. i found my first wood ant nest in the woods and did the bluebell test which was very cool. now, i was moving some bits of cars around at work and i decided to poke around behind the "second-hand shed" and found some black ants on a cuban cigar... very...
  3. _scorpio_

    Long weekend in wales

    began in a cottage in evesham, then camped on a hill close to snowdon in wales. piccies: bird of prey show in evesham: these are uncropped, unedited images, they fly the birds really close to the audience. a hawk did sit next to someone in the audience, but i didnt get a photo :( (sister was...
  4. _scorpio_

    Svord- i think i need a computer engineer...

    does anyone know how you can contact svord??? i click on the "email svord" bit and it starts doing all sorts of random things and making me press buttons, and after many confused button clicks i dont actually end up with any way to contact them. does anyone actually know or simply have their...
  5. _scorpio_

    BG parang

    does anyone know what the steel is? it says "high carbon stainless" :rolleyes: it is full tang and the handle looks like it comes off by undoing 2 bolt things, the blade is also covered in horrible black paint rubbish, which should come off with some paint stripper and some high grit sand paper...
  6. _scorpio_

    Re-enactment forum?

    does anyone know if one exists?? i need to check to see if some stuff is historically accurate and it seems like i cant without actually going (to canterbury) to talk to someone... anyone know? google wont find any for me...
  7. _scorpio_

    Cap'n Badger

    anyone know what happened to him? he hasnt been on since last august....
  8. _scorpio_

    Fgyt - pm box full

    Pm box full
  9. _scorpio_

    Cegga GB

    there are a few axes available in the group buy section. just posting here so you dont miss out! :D
  10. _scorpio_

    Cegga group buy - the final thread!

    for the SFA style (can be seen in other thread): £50 posted (cegga will confirm) 1 - v-ness - confirmed 2 - familne - confirmed 3 - DFCA 4 - korvin karbon - confirmed 5 - JonathanD - confirmed 6 - shaggystu - confirmed to be confirmed by 10/02/2011 or removed from list, PM me with...
  11. _scorpio_

    cold steel tomahawk... sheath?

    anyone made a sheath for the cold steel trail hawk? i was offered one made of leather but it was a bit out of my price range. i have a design idea which will use a piece of kydex about 8cm x 5cm and 2 little ring things that you hold them together with (the brass things with the hole in the...
  12. _scorpio_

    Cegga GB???

    there is not even the slightest hint of planning anything yet (i havent even mentioned it to cegga) but i was wondering if people would be interested if i could arrange a group buy from cegga (if i am allowed to). i dont even know if cegga, being a hobbyist maker in his spare time, would even...
  13. _scorpio_

    Global warming - Some worrying evidence

    this is from a fishkeeping forum. the article is reliable and written by a person who regularly goes to places like these in search of new fish species, though the other things he finds are usually very interesting too! for example his latest article...
  14. _scorpio_

    Why so anti?

    why is everyone so against the good things about the hobby recently? we have people complaining that ray mears is just a celebrity and he is getting loads of insults from this forum, while people are sticking up for bear grylls who couldnt light a fire with napalm and a grenade. people have...
  15. _scorpio_

    Portable Forge for Shows.

    Help please. i would like to make a medium sized portable forge to take to old style / outdoor shows. it will be taken by car so can be fairly heavy, and can be put together on site and taken apart to travel if easier than it being built and carried around complete. it needs to look really...
  16. _scorpio_

    Whats wrong with this post??

    yet another threatening PM from BB saying i am going to be banned! i have a post count of about 10 and they have a problem with half of them! so what is so wrong with this post, located here , that i should be banned...
  17. _scorpio_


    your pm box is full... sorry, my fault :D
  18. _scorpio_

    compzombie slaycutter help

    since BB has decided to die i am going to ask here. does anyone know an answer to any of these questions?: 1) i am making a zombie slayer which is (full length) half a meter long and 5mm thick, will this work if made out of 01 tool steel? 2) will drilling the handle weaken the blades...
  19. _scorpio_

    im going mad!

    how is this even slightly possible!?!!? £64 here and £25 there.... ?? weighs 14oz, to post from someone in the US to me...
  20. _scorpio_

    help with ID... grape?

    found a vine with massive leaves growing from behind a fence. i am almost certain it is non native. behind that fence has been used for years to dump garden waste, which is why there are bluebells and an elder growing next to it! i hope its grape but it might be passion flower or something...