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  1. dean4442

    Waterproof stuff sack for sleeping bag

    Does anyone know of something like the df stuff sack but big enough to take a winter bag?
  2. dean4442

    Bergan modifications

    Hi there, I have a good old olive green place Bergan that I was thinking about getting some mods done on. Mostly the wider shoulder straps and lumbar pad, the the triple pouches and basha pouch above. Has anyone had these done or is it just not worth the cash, also how much did it set you back...
  3. dean4442

    Friction firelighting course

    Hi Guys, I have been given the chance to have a one day course and would love to do one on my nemesis friction firelighting. I've never managed to do it and think that a course would help me to finally crack it. I'm in Wokingham Berks but would travel up to an hour and a half, any...
  4. dean4442

    Compass sale?

    Not sure if this is the best place to put this but I recently obtained an m73 compass, the guy I swapped with said it was in mils. Unfortunately it's an Iraqi version which has a strange scale of 6000 rather than the 6400 you get withils. My question is where would be the best place to sell it...
  5. dean4442


    Saw this whilst looking through a magazine and thought some people might be interested if we get some of the white stuff (looking unlikely at the moment I know) Colin
  6. dean4442

    Issue OG bivvy bag

    Uk issue bivvy bag in OG, good condition with no leaks just a bit of dust £25. Just what you need with the winter coming on and the rain we've been having. Usual rules, first to PM or say they'll have it on this thread gets it. Colin
  7. dean4442

    How tight to pull a hammock with a structural ridgeline?

    Hi There, As above really, I seem to find way too much info out there when I search. All I want to know is, after fitting a structural ridgeline to my hammock how tight should I pull the suspension when setting it up? By that I mean, should I pull it as tight as a washing line or with the 30...
  8. dean4442

    Transit sized van

    Firstly sorry I know this isn't strictly bushy related but I know who I trust and I'm afraid you guys are it! I need a new van:drive: for my work (Sparky) with three seats in the front to carry my two boys on the school run and want to get one which will be big enough to string a hammock on the...
  9. dean4442

    Broken Kindle

    :cussing:My kindle has started to die, it keeps freezing and requires a reboot. Does anyone know of a solution, and yes I know there are probably better forums to ask this but here I know you speak the same language as me :) (Not geek). Colin
  10. dean4442

    I've got way too much stuff to shift!

    Maybe SWMBO was right and I do have too much stuff?...........Nah but if I sell some I get the money for more shiny things, so here's some more bits. SAS rare drop ration pouch £30Sold Survival bag £4 58 pattern bino pouches £6 each Cold weather hat in DPM £5 Baby G shock in subtle pink £15...
  11. dean4442

    The clearout continues!

    Few more bits for sale. 2 olive green issue bivvy bags grade one £30 each Folding wood stove £25 Group buy hammock in Green/browny gold mark on stuff sack £18Sold Arktis hammock, real heavy duty nylon almost bomb proof £30 Vapalux/Tilley mantles 15 of them £1.50 each Usual rules, first to say...
  12. dean4442

    More bits for sale, mod knife hammock etc

    MOD Survival knife, J Adams 1995 version in used condition £35 Sold Nylon net gear hammock £5 Crusader stove (not the mug I'm using that bit) £10 Mod issue machete sheath (Small cut on rear) £10 Few more bits added: Mess tins £6 Dutch (I think) aluminium mug £10 58 pattern metal mug £10Sold...
  13. dean4442


    Your in box is full and I can't send you a pm until you clear some space!!!:) Colin
  14. dean4442

    GB SFA, Army Trangia set and Crusader set

    Few bits from the Kit mountain that I've been told to shift or else! GB Small forest axe complete with the supplied mask and the axe book £50 SPF Stainless Swedish army Trangia stove £20SPF Un opened Crusader mug and cooking stand (Tear on plastic bag) £20SPF First to PM or say...
  15. dean4442

    Biltong near Bracknell

    Just found out that the butchers who sold yummy biltong in Bracknell has moved to the Moss end garden centre! I'll be calling in to get my fix very soon and they also do mail order: Colin No connection just a very happy customer.
  16. dean4442

    Knife ID please

    [/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]Hi there, Can one of you knowledgeable gentlemen please help me with some info about this knife I was given, I can just about make out the wilkinson sword logo but don't have any idea about the rest. Colin
  17. dean4442


    I've seen this: and...
  18. dean4442

    Mil-Tec Lightweight jacket anyone got one?

    Hi there has anyone tried one of these: I would like to put it on my xmas list but wondered if anybody has any experience with it before I ask SWMBO to shell out! :o Cheers Colin
  19. dean4442

    Plastic solder reel

    As above I'm after the reel that solder comes on but it must be either green or black. Cheers Colin
  20. dean4442

    JWH Knives

    Has anyone heard from Siberian fury recently, his website isn't working and I've tried to send him a PM with no reply. Colin