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    Ray Mears On Sunday Brunch

    Ray mears was on Sunday Brunch this morning and he tied a knot. Any ideas what knot?
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    Eagle Nest Outfitters Hammocks - any views?

    Just came across these and was wondering if any one had used one?
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    Tom Brown Tracker

    Might not want to use one but it would like really nice on the shelf.
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    Ray Mears - Survival Handbook - Possibles

    Re-reading this book and was amazed by how dated this chapter was. Always really liked this idea of carrying stuff you need and not a kit that never seems to get used. What do you almost always carry? Think about it for a minute. I have just started cycling to work, so my work rucksac fell...
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    Zip off combat trousers?

    Ok, first off I am short. 28" leg. I really like my Regatta Action trousers but the quailty seems to have changed. Also I fancy zip offs, so any recommendations?
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    Wicking T-Shirts advice needed

    After some advice. Trying the lightweight system of using wicking T-shirts as the base layer of a three or four base system. So I bought some cheap Karrimor t-shirts, saw them on offer and thought now is the chance to try this. They work, like that, but they seem to be wearing out really fast...
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    Fujifilm FinePix S2750 12MP Digital Bridge Camera - any opinions?

    Need new camera, and saw this Fujifilm FinePix S2750 for sale in Argos. The big thing I like is it has a viewfinder, but wonder if it a little on the large size for everyday use.
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    What is with the litre measurement of rucsacs?

    Saw an offer on Karrimor Rucsacks at Sports Direct, so I now have two new work rucksacks. Strangely the Gelert 30L they are replacing, is massive compaired to both of them. It really worth seeing this stuff in the real world.
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    Nessmuk axe questions?

    So ok this is British Red's very very nice double headed axe. And Heinnies have this for sale but not sure about the grinds. I have a whole in my kit axe shaped, and was thinking of going for something like this, and I only really want one axe. The questions : - 1. What are the...
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    Ray Mears on TV Book Club on Four.

    Ray Mears was promoting his book on this show today, and said he is currently writing manuals... Might be interesting.
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    What weight can I carry?

    Is there a formula about for height to weight carried? Have a lot of info for what makes lightweight etc, but what is normal, or insane? Not going hiking, as normal, but will have to walk a short-ish distance to site. Looking at a lot of tents etc, and thinking need an idea of what is to much?
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    What Cordage, rope etc is in your kit?

    Just got some 4mm braided nylon (I think) rope from a poundland. Called Utility rope, think it is the same outdoor brand that is in the Poundland chains. Not bad for a quid. Also got some more jute string at same time. Ok, to the point. I bet everyone has paracord but what else do you carry...
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    Is an Offensive weapon in Scotland, basically what two experts say it is?

    Darren Day Trial starts. Darren Day Found Guilty This story needs a picture. Too many wrong facts. Anyway, he seems to have been done, basis on what two experts have said. My understanding was a basic kubaton can be used, and carried as a keyring, which was his defense. There is no...
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    Draw Knifes

    Have an old draw knife with the right angle handles. Thinking about losing those handles, in favor of the frost style straight line style. Any reason not to?
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    Aldi - 1-4-2010 - Folding Saws

    Aldi got the folding saws back on April 1st.
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    "Book of Eli" - Couple of things?

    Saw this film in the week, and been thinking about a few things in it. One thing he does is carry a sort of car style (that pattern but smaller) battery for an Ipod. I carry a pda for reading, information, mp3 etc, and being able to charge this in the wilds is something I am giving a lot of...
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    Multi Tool - Pliers etc but no blade?

    Quick Question, does any know of a folding style pliers with bit holder but no blade? Looking for something to fill the void in my EDC left by not being able to carry my Leatherman Charge.
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    Interesting Knot Site Not sure I am overboard with a lot of the stuff. A little too survivally but the knots stuff looks really good.
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    Looks like someone at Niteize got a brain

    Led and IQ Switch Just in time for my parts to arrive, damn. The terralux Led is nice though.
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    Best place to buy Moras at moment? (Miss Ebay)

    Looking to get a clipper, and the red handled one, any ideas on were best place to go? Thanks in advance for your help.