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  1. Alan De Enfield

    Are all 900 down bags the same?

    Q Where does down come from ? A The chest of Ducks Q What is the 'natural environment' for Ducks ? A On the water. Ducks don't seem to have any major problem with water, some simple 'taking care' of your down-bag is all it takes. Don't use it as a boat or go swimming in it & let it 'air out'...
  2. Alan De Enfield

    DIY latrine toilet seat?

    Have you considered the method propsed by the Government in the 60's during the 'protect & survive' training in schools in the event of 'Nuclear War' Simple chair over a bucket or hole in the ground.
  3. Alan De Enfield

    Royal Mail

    Or just pay a bit extra and top up the insurance to the necessary level. Like most insurance it will seem to be a waste of money (until the day you make a claim)
  4. Alan De Enfield

    Cleaning sleeping bags

    Not totally necessary but dry cleaners will probably give the best results.
  5. Alan De Enfield

    Shooting permission

    I am fortunate to have an "Open Licence" which allows me to self certify any land as safe for whatever calibre I want to use on it (not anyone else) If you don't have an Open Licence then you can only use the land with : a) The land owners permission b) A calibre that has been approved as 'safe'...
  6. Alan De Enfield

    Shooting permission

    You'd be welcome to shoot over my land (It is cleared by the Police for up 7.7mm centre fire) so there would be no problem with an air rifle. I'd guess our location (top half of Lincolnshire) makes it impractical for you in Romford.
  7. Alan De Enfield

    Infantry Style watch ?

    I bought one that looks very similar to those - are they from India ? The winder fell out and it was useless, I got my money refunded, and went for the one I pictured above.
  8. Alan De Enfield

    Infantry Style watch ?

    Not really an answer to the question, but another option. I paid 99p for this off ebay. It has lost 2 minutes in 18 months, is splash-proof and I can afford to loose it or break it. When doing anything 'energetic' my expensive GPS watch goes in the pack and the 99p one comes out. I also...
  9. Alan De Enfield

    Carbon Filter

    Malaysia Airlines 'give away goody bag' (mask, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, slippers etc etc) Most airlines give something similar.
  10. Alan De Enfield

    Pi££ Poor Preperation

    Four Idiots climb Ben Nevis wearing trainers in the middle of Storm Ciara putting 22 Mountain rescue volunteers in danger. Four 'absolute idiots' are rescued from Ben...
  11. Alan De Enfield

    Carbon Filter

    Apparently 'activated' Replaceable ? - No it is use and dispose - it will filter a minimum of 300 litres. It supposedly removes organic compounds and improves the taste. It certainly does...
  12. Alan De Enfield

    Carbon Filter

    I use the Platypus inline filter. Put it in the output side (clean water) and it removes any lingering 'taste'. Available all over the place, this was just the 1st link that came up on google It is the...
  13. Alan De Enfield

    Lightweight Rucksacks 30 to 50 litres

    Berghaus 65 litre Weight 1.7kgs Price £60 Supplier Amazon : Waterproof (but probably not 'storm-proof') but has a separate cover for extreme weather. Comfortable with adjustable back support / height I never trust...
  14. Alan De Enfield

    Firelighting failure

    The likes of Poundland, Home Bargains etc sell small tins of Vaseline (about 1" diameter) Scrape out some of the Vaseline and fill the space with 'make-up' pads of cotton wool. They squash down well and you can get several in the 1/2 full Vaseline tin. The tin is waterproof and you have all...
  15. Alan De Enfield

    Best Portablewood burning camping stoves ?

    A couple of quick 'accessories' to make some toast or crumpets / pikelets on a "twig-stove" Stainless steel 1/2" mesh, and / or 3mm stainless steel wire.
  16. Alan De Enfield

    New trespass laws......

    I am aware of the 2003 Act and have been reading thru' it. The 2003 Act says the access code must be adhered to (and lists the access code conditions) In 2005 the old 1865 Trespass Act was amended with the addition of 'section 2' which states that if the 2003 Access code conditions are adhered...
  17. Alan De Enfield

    New trespass laws......

    Scotland is not quite so 'free' as many think, the Government's proposal is actually looking to align England / Wales with Scotland. Scotland has had a Trespass Act since 1865. The relevant part reads : Every person who lodges in any premises, or occupies or encamps on any land, being private...
  18. Alan De Enfield

    Water filters. Which do you recommend for long term use?

    Just think how many times a day he'll be washing his hands and using 'gallons' of water every time !!! I use a Sawyer, you can hang it up in a tree and just let it steadily gravity fill any bottles / bladders etc you want. Just keep topping up the 'dirty' side (2 litre pop bottles fit) The...
  19. Alan De Enfield

    Which .410?

    I don't bother reloading 410 but they are good 'fun guns', I have a Lee Enfield 303 converted to 410 (its a heavy beast) great fun if you turn up at a clay-shoot and they tell you, you cannot hit clays with a 303 rifle, but, "I can" !!! At the other end of the scale I have a folding Belgium...
  20. Alan De Enfield

    My Car Kit

    I picked one up from Gumtree for £30 inc P+P, It has 3 years battery life left not expiring until late 2023. The other was off E-bay and was £35 inc P+P and has 2 years battery life left on it. New ones have 6 years battery life, and depending on model you can either send them away for a...