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  1. Orhdposs

    Little Knife cut

    Been a bit silly not paying attention was unrolling a large ball of rope with my S1 - Fällkniven forest knife upside down not clipped in the sheath and bang it dropped out handle first and jumped into my lower calf so pleased it was not blade first into the ground, washed and covered, blade...
  2. Orhdposs


    Any one drink red wine namely 19 Crimes Need 3 corks a number 10 and 2 number 19's to make 2 sets, go lots doubles for swaps.
  3. Orhdposs

    Not sure

    Might be right for this site but, dose not matter where I set my PIR sensor for the garden my neighbour seems to set it off, so can any one help me with ground level sensors so that only the dog or some other intruder at ground level will set off not people from other garden sensor set 2m high...
  4. Orhdposs

    Fire wood 2021

    Been splitting with Axe and log splitter, ready for net winter.
  5. Orhdposs

    Axe Haft Head From Finland

    After doing a Timber frame Course with Northmen in Latvia and using Bilnas and Kellokski and Nothmen Axe's only fair I brought few 4-5 and rehafted 4 of them. this was part of my process
  6. Orhdposs

    Side Axe Haft

    Making a new Haft for one of my Side Axes. Bee super box under another bush craft hobby.
  7. Orhdposs

    under estimated tools

    Using a scraper to shape Axe haft.
  8. Orhdposs


    Finally made a new helve for one of my side axes, just needs finishing still a rectangular section.
  9. Orhdposs

    What choice

    Ok lots to do now been stuck at home got lots of boys toy but always need more. So buy a metal detector or Still to make home made spirit Just answer metal or spirit.
  10. Orhdposs

    spyderco I suggest using this to start a new thread rather than posting in his sales thread though. I think it's a Santa Fe Stoneworks Spyderco Endura fully serrated Few of us had a chat about this and it was...
  11. Orhdposs

    New slightly old person

    Hi Guys Done intro before some were, just need a push to meet with other like minded people, after the virus of course, place to practice bush craft camp. My Avatar is / some of my tools and the sharps cover all made by me.