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    Backyard Bushcraft-Water treatment

    Just put a video on my YouTube channel. Here’s a link.
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    Dutch oven beef stew

    I had a day off on Thursday so went up the woods and cooked a beef casserole from scratch in my old Dutch oven. Here’s a link to my video on the tube.
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    Cherry eating spoon and Alder coffee scoop

    The upper spoon is an eating spoon I carved out of a piece of green cherry. After carving I left it dry at home for 5/6 days then baked it in the oven which gave it a lovely deep brown colouring. I then oiled it with pre-oxidised raw linseed oil (food safe) which really brought out the grain. I...
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    For Sale Lundhags forest boots Uk8

    Lundhags forest boots for sale. Uk8 EU42. In excellent condition. Soles barely worn. No splits in rubber toe caps. Selling as too tight. I need uk 9. Now £100 posted.
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    Green outdoor campfire tent

    As above ( baker style tent)
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    Wild country aspect 1

    For sale is my wild country aspect 1. Only used for 1 night about 18 months ago. Stored in my dry shed since. In as new condition. Ideal for backpacking, cycle touring etc. £85 posted
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    Sil-wing tarp

    For sale is my integral designs sil-wing tarp. Only used for one night. Still in as new condition. Only selling it as it's not big enough for what I want. currently on sale with backpackinglight for £59.99 id like £45 posted.
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    Berghaus centurio 45

    As new, used for one night campout. Berghaus centurio 45 for sale. Bought on a whim. Needs to go. Clearing out. £60 posted. Uk only. Looking to buy ultralight setup. May swap for ultralight kit.
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    Berghaus cyclops light 50

    Berghaus cyclops light for sale like one in above photo. 50 litre capacity. Excellent condition. Hardly used. £40 posted.
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    Lifesaver bottle

    Lifesaver bottle hardly used. Approx 20 litres through it. Always been stored wet. Never been out in frost. Spare carbon filter,lube etc. £35 posted.
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    Saunders jetpacker

    For sale a Saunders jetpacker one man tent in lovely condition. Complete with A frame optional extra to replace central pole if needed. Hardly used. Having a clear out,too much kit. £80 posted. ( bike and kit not included in sale,only pic I had :D)
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    Lundhags professional mid 9/43

    For sale a pair of size uk 9 lundhags professional mid boots. As you can see in the photos they haven't had much use. I bought them on impulse about three years ago and I've hardly used them in that time as they've always been a little too big for me. These boots retail at over £300...
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    the bushcraft show 2011

    anyone going to the bushcraft show in cumbria this week?
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    bushcooker/bushbuddy wanted

    i'm after a bushcooker or bushbuddy stove,if anyone wants to get rid of theirs,please let me know. willing to swap or buy. cash waiting.
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    wanted; touring bike

    i'm after a touring bike, approx 50-52cm frame size, something like a dawes galaxy,ridgeback panorama,claud butler dalesman,surly lht, thorn etc. Cash waiting or maybe a trade.
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    us army molle 2 rucksack

    for sale or trade i have one us army molle 2 modular load carrying system. an awesome rucksack capable of carrying large,heavy loads comfortably. this was an impulse buy a few months ago which has to go to make way for new kit. i tried it out with a 75lb load and it was surprisingly comfortable...
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    snowsled ventile and other kit for sale

    i have a snowsled single layer ventile for sale, excellent condition.£80 plus postage SOLD meindl taiga high leg,gore-tex lined, hunting boots in brown, size 8.5uk,eu 42.5 ex cond. £120 plus postage i,ll post pics as soon as i can work out how to do it.
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    anyone going on woodsmokes' abo or harvest course?

    is there anyone going on this years' woodsmoke autumn harvest or aboriginal course at the end of the month?