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    Shooting an underlever.

    I know handguns are banned for many of you. So do the same targets with a lever action gun. I think that it is more fun.
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    Plucking and dressing a bird (graphic images)

    Well thanks, Red! So back in the day we had to come up with a vision statement for our school - a simple sentence saying what we were really hoping to achieve. We were a bit divided over whether to say that we hoping to raise competent or capable people. And certainly that is what I hope...
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    Shooting an underlever.

    Some of my favourite memories of shooting matches involve the times we got into the (then) informal fun matches with lever rifles. After a .22 pistol silhouette match, out would come the .22 lever rifles to be used on the same steel targets (chickens at 25M, Javelina at 50M, turkeys at 75M...
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    Plucking and dressing a bird (graphic images)

    You are absolutely right! Sometimes we have to recollect all the changes in the way we live. At first I was thinking along the lines of well it's good to post a warning, but I don't recall people fainting in the street because they passed a butchers and glanced in. I guess that now things...
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    Plucking and dressing a bird (graphic images)

    Thanks, Red! That's the beauty of forums, I learn something new every day. Despite living in a farming area in Wales for years, I'd never seen a cone set-up until seeing my friends' in Prince George while passing through. I like Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's shows which promote the proper...
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    Plucking and dressing a bird (graphic images)

    I believe that true horror would be seeing how huge chicken farms operate to produce cheap chicken. It's an awful thing that we've become so disconnected from our food, where it comes from and how it can be raised and processed in a proper manner. I am curious as to how you feel about killing...
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    best knife for processing game birds

    Awesome! Great to see you back!
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    best knife for processing game birds

    I think you've got this pretty well sorted. Anyway here's my trout and bird - a Gerber tool steel with cast aluminium handle: Obviously it got a bit of use over the years... The one that I thought was a super design, and handy to carry was the Cold Steel with the loop, but a proper handle is...
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    bioluminescent timber

    I've been thinking about getting one of those! While lots of fungi glow in the dark, it has to be really dark to see it. Here if it's dark then I like to be by a nice big fire or walking home with a big flashlight so I'm not going to notice.
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    Article: The Highway knife

    That's an incredible piece of work!
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    What do you consider razor/shave sharp?

    Surprisingly while I require a knife to be very sharp here in order to whittle fine fuzzies in this wet place, I find that if a knife such as a simple Mora is honed properly to begin with, that you get a lot of cutting done before a few minutes to strop the edge that night. And that cutting...
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    Another axe completed

    I heard back and now I will test. Just out of curiosity how would you test such an axe?
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    July Drop – Your safety!

    $hit always happens. And when it happens you must always be prepared to go in and clean up your stuff. If with explosives great. If not then you go in and do it the hard way. I always figure on having to do things the hard way, because it's not the exception.
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    July Drop – Your safety!

    I started trail clearing after seeing how people were trying to deal with leaning trees with a chainsaw. The problem here is that narrow strips of trees are left after clear-cutting either following a coastline or valley. And people trails go through those strips as do animal trails. Along...
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    cold today...

    just -1C here now and slight snow. And that's an incredible improvement on when it was the same at the START of September in Alberta. I'm one of those evil smokers. So anyway I went to Alberta in the hot August summer and then got trapped there without my winter gear. Luckily well under...
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    DeLorme inReach Explorer

    Thanks for a wonderful review! Perhaps we should investigate why such a device is so important to many people? I think I can give valid examples.
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    Drinking water

    I watched a show from a Canadian documentary series, "The Nature of Things", a few days ago. The specific episode was called "It Takes Guts" and was about the trillions of bugs living inside us. Those little critturs have far more effect on us than most would believe since they send...
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    Drinking water

    I don't have much to add to Red's article on "The Science of Water". Well maybe some observations.. The purest water in the world discovered so far seems to come from springs near Elmvale Ontario: I'd drink it right from the...
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    Swedish lk35

    What you have to remember is that a canvas bag on a steel frame weighs a little over 4lb empty. I was warned about that when I bought mine, but to me that's great, because I wanted a smaller DURABLE frame pack to use both for hauling stuff in the bag, and just as importantly carrying in firewood...
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    Svea 123r

    Years ago I wrote a review about a Svea which was given to me: Probably the most telling part of the review: "I guess that a little update is called for, even before we get started. I keep the stove in the back of my truck - inside the coffee can pot...