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    Most used knots?

    Just noticed that the famous blue rope in Mythbusters is often tied to things using bowlines and it the rope that breaks.
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    £300 plus knife ? ?

    Paul Kirtley has just done a video about this. He is about to start using a knife which must be worth over £300. I am in the cannot afford it place so would not use one because it would be a precous item if I did own it. I like Mora's and am in the process of making my own handles so if it...
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    Paracord damage

    I think it sounds like you have cheap paracord as there is a big difference between the cheap stuff and the real stuff. I have sort of gone off paracord as well. When I started reading this I would not have typed that. I use paracord as a handy hank re-useable cord and for permanent solutions. I...
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    Got caught out yesterday.

    I think that is the best idea as the point is to just stop the bleeding and get help under normal circumstances. You only need the advance stuff in the middle of nowhere however the impulse needs to be stop the bleeding. One of the problems that worries about having all these first aid kits is...
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    Survival Tins - Updates

    Just carry paracord and a disposable cord. I think the survival tin idea is great however I am not sure the practice works. I think EDC is a better idea so as a hiker make sure you have on you at all times what you need to survive. Like a small first aid kit. i think that is why a possibiltiy...
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    Most used knots?

    That is interesting. Would have thought the opposite however maybe it part history part myth. I am moving away from man made materials so I can do more of this. The big problem is that a lot of modern ropes are like paracord so you got to knot. One of the big knot problems is they work...
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    If that the knife with the marlin spike I love those knifes however they a nightmare to replace. There is a marine knife that looks similar however it not the same steel.
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    Most used knots?

    That is a really good point. You should practice with gloves on and in odd positions and places as well. I guarantee when you need any knot the most it will be freezing and wet :) It worth knowing the basic knots even if you do not use them. I have used Sheepshanks honest however if you need to...
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    Tops Tracker Knife Shocker

    Ok, I got to ask, WHY? For the cost of that knife he could have had a knife made to his own spec. Also if that an original run those are collectible I believe.
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    Not British made anymore!

    It worth reading the origin story of Origin. (lol could not resist) He had some interesting experiences with product thief by Asia makers early in his career for a start. The big problem is we live in a world where big business is only interested in profit and that drives everything. Patterns...
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    First Aid Glow Tag

    Really like this idea and will be making something with this to my first aid kit so it stands out in the dark. I have changed my first aid kit based on an idea I saw using the Velcro panel molle first aid pouch. My first aid kit lives in this pouch on the outside of my bag so anyone can find it...
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    Thinking of getting a trangia

    Buy one there brilliant pieces of kit. See if you can get a deal with the gas set up as they tend to be cheaper than buying separate. The gas add on is the most expensive trangia part. Also instead of meths look for heater ethanol they sell if for use in home heaters, it clear so it does not...
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    Got caught out yesterday.

    Had this advice from a Paramedic and he basically said when this happens to go get a blanket as it is an action so positive and it does what you said gives you a breather. Agree with this however I know someone who never had a problem in training and then fell apart in the real world. Also I...
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    Decorative single strand stopper knot

    Like the stopper knot however be real careful with thumb knots as they have a habit of not coming undone. Weirdly they use them on guy lines which due to being modern materials have the opposite problem so I tend to use a figure of eight instead of a thumb knot every time.
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    Some Leather Makes

    Scout belts with those buckles were really cool. They had a ring either side so you had hanging hooks or could loop through with a handy hank.
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    Is a leatherman skeletool legal carry?

    Sorry, think I may have misled you slightly. I carry the Leather-man when cycling so I would either be stopped with the bike or shopping etc. I do not actually carry the Leather-man into work at all because it stays with the bike in a secure area. It is a bike tool is the excuse and I would...
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    German Mountain Rucksack Mods

    I have just seen a Youtuber with a molle first aid pouch in that position. Hearing his argument for why he has his first aid kit there was a light bulb moment so I am thinking of doing that. The straps would just slip though the molle straps on the back of the pouch. In case you are wondering it...
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    Belt with pouches

    I am having the same problem with my day set up however I think you either have to tie it together or as I am planning on doing running a molle strip at the back of the belt to hold everything in place. I am also looking at a molle belts however not sure at the moment.
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    Is a leatherman skeletool legal carry?

    I carry a Leather man Ti as part of my bike tool kit. The reasonable excuse goes like this, it has a lot of tools including a pair of pliers in one tool and I do not leave something with my bike which is worth a third of the value of the bike which is why the Garmin is in the bag as well. I have...
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    Another of those, if only you were allowed one, posts. SAK preference

    My every day care is a huntsman.