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  1. DanBow

    Made a chopping block

    Evening all, further to my adventures in spoon carving, I happened to come across an old log seat. You know the type, a hefty log cut by a chainsaw to make a little seat with backrest? Anyway, I repurposed it. In the field opposite my house there is a load of hawtorn growing, so I cut a few...
  2. DanBow

    My first spoon type thing

    Well, here it is, my first spoon type ladle sort of thing. I started off with a bit of Birch and no real plan, just sort of hacked at it. All good though, I've learnt some lessons about the use of the tools and to use the axe more in the initial roughing out stage. Oh, and I need a lighter axe...
  3. DanBow

    Orford v Wood

    Hello all, I'm getting a spoon carving knife. I've seen the one I want but they are out of stock so I'm on the waiting list. The one I am waiting for is made by Robin Wood - Linky I've read some reviews and watched the videos online and I'm happy with it but as I say they are out of stock at...
  4. DanBow

    Spoon group?

    Hi all, Recently getting back into . . . . err . . . stuff. I've always fancied having a go at spoon carving. Is there anyone local to Wrexham that wants to do something or does anyone know of an existing group? Ta Dan
  5. DanBow

    Malamute - free to a good home.

    Hi All, Posting a friend. 7year old Alaskan Malamute - free to a good home. She is going to be put down next week as we can't find her a new home and her owner is going into hospital. Message me for details. X She is in Llangollen, North Wales. Dan Mods - please move or edit as needed.
  6. DanBow

    kayak AND/OR HW97K to swapl - take 2!

    Hi all, HW97K has gone. thanks for all the interest. Still have the kayak to trade. Dan Hi All, I have a perception pirouette kayak to trade, with 3 different paddles. I am a white water raft guide so thought I would have a go at kayaking. But no. Its not for me. So she has to go. I...
  7. DanBow

    kayak AND/OR HW97K to swap

    Post deleted
  8. DanBow

    Spoon knife??

    I have carved a spoon using bit of pine that I had laying around my workshop using only my Bushcraft knife. I needed a blade to make the spoony bit so I adadpted a saw blade. Question is - does the grind go on the inside of hte blade or the outside???? Logic sort of says that it should go on the...
  9. DanBow

    who is on twitter?

    As the title says, who is on Twitter? I am @danbowk
  10. DanBow


    Hi all, just putting some feelers out. I have a pc that is running windows xp. not sure of the specs but it runs ok. would anybody be interested in it, obviously it would have to be some one local to north wales. Not sure what I'd be after, maybe a 3 x 3 tarp. Anyhoo, let me know. Dan
  11. DanBow

    winter tree identification

    Hi all, I had just received a book on tree identification when this link pops into my inbox. Spooky, but brilliant. Dan
  12. DanBow

    Average age and background.

    Hi All, I was just here pondering my life and how I ended up here, on this site, doing the stuff that we do. I rolled to the bottom of the page and it shows who's online and how old they are and the thing that struck me is that the average age seems to be about 40. So what is the typical...
  13. DanBow

    android help.

    Hi all, I don't seem to be able to reply to posts while on my HTC Desire? I used to but can't anymore!!!! Anybody got any ideas. Ta Dan
  14. DanBow


    Is anyone using Google+, I consider myself a bit of a techy geek but I'm just not getting it? Dan
  15. DanBow

    Finally got some woods. Yay

    As the title says, I have been given permission to use some woods not too far from where I live. I can do whatever bushcrafty stuff I like and take my rifle to make a dent in the pigeon population. So I can now stop being a, mostly, armchair enthusiast to being the real deal. ha ha so what to...
  16. DanBow

    SWAP - Sherwood Forest Jacket. As new.

    Hi all, I have a Sherwood forest Gadwell jacket that I don't use. It has only been worn a couple of times, and then only to the shop. It is a medium which is just a little small for me. Ideally I am after a full hammock...
  17. DanBow

    are there any freelance bushcraft instructers inScotland?

    The title says it all really. Thinking of setting up an outdoors activity centre in bonny Scotlandand I'm looking for other things to run.
  18. DanBow

    SWAP - Webley Tempest Air Pistol .22

    THIS IS NOW GONE. Thanks for all your offers. Hi All, I am putting up my Tempest for swap. She has not been used in quite a while. She is a .22 and is in near perfect condition. There is also a carry case with it. I will add a picture as soon as Photobucket lets me back in!!!!!! I am open...
  19. DanBow

    9th Wilderness Gathering.

    Who's going to the wolderness gathering? We are thinking about going. Is it suitable for a complete newbie? Hs anyone been to the previous ones and has anyone taken small children? We have 3 girls aged 6,5 and 3. If there are many going, will there be a meet up point for us all to say hello? Dan
  20. DanBow

    Condor Knife

    Hi all, I aquired this knife off a mate a while ago. The blade had been hacked at with what looks like an angle grinder. I have smoothed it out a little but it still needs a bit of work. Anyway, does anybody know anything about it as I can't find single thing out about it on the ole...