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  1. arctic hobo

    Birch Burl

    Does anyone by any chance have a pretty well seasoned burl they might let me have for a small fee? Promised someone something and left it a little late :( Thanks :) EDIT: only needs to be a bit of one really - size of two fists or slightly smaller :)
  2. arctic hobo

    Goretex by the yard

    ...I'm looking for exactly that. Goretex fabric. I can't find any anywhere... is it not available or am I looking in all the wrong places? If anyone knows anywhere I can buy it I'd love to hear from you :)
  3. arctic hobo

    Damascus steel

    Now before I start I'd best warn you all that I'm no knife nut, and I don't know a huge amount about steels. I know about four and not very much about what makes them special :o I'm working on the assumption that Damascus steel is the same as Wootz steel. Correct me if I'm wrong! I always...
  4. arctic hobo

    More bartering!

    Since posting in Toddy's thread would be a bit rude... If anyone has an old style Sabre 45, I'll barter or p/x it depending on condition for an Arktis 40-60 litre patrol pack (with PLCE zips of course), minus hipbelt (which is rubbish anyway :p no, really :( ). PM me your offers :)
  5. arctic hobo

    Carbon credits?

    What do you guys think of this?
  6. arctic hobo

    National Parks

    Inspired by the thread on the forestry comission and legality of camping, I'd love to hear all your views on access and protection of land in the UK. I know this can get contentious and arguable, but if we try and keep it under control :) It seems to me that we have a fairly unique situation...
  7. arctic hobo

    Hardwood poles

    Does anyone know where I can get a 5' x 1" pole of a decent hardwood? Ignoring price for a minute, the hardest wood I can? Any help much appreciated ;)
  8. arctic hobo

    Thick leather wanted

    Does anyone have a bit of leather spare, thick as possible and about a foot square. Seems silly to order a huge sheet, am happy to make appropriate donations or trade for misc. kit :) Please PM me if you can help ;)
  9. arctic hobo

    Hennessy mini review

    As I mentioned in the "Miss me?" thread, I tested my Hennessy Expedition Asym in Norway on a backpacking trip. Since it's a bit of kit we all are fairly familiar with, and there are doubtless people who are wondering whether to buy it, I'll share my own opinion on it. I know someone recently...
  10. arctic hobo

    Micro wind power

    As a sort of branch off of my interest in solar power (and partly because my flatmate has just knocked sixty quids worth of monocrystalline cells on the floor and smashed them :eek: :( :( ), I'm after a micro wind turbine. Sort of under 10 watts sort of size, and as light as possible (not to...
  11. arctic hobo

    Miss me?

    Doubt it, you miserable lot :p :D :D :D I daresay someone at least noticed that the forum ceased shuddering under the impact of my endless posting for a brief period. Although clearly you have all happily taken up the slack as I've about thirty pages of new posts to read... :rolleyes...
  12. arctic hobo

    Making boats

    I was looking at mini inflatable boats the other day, with regard to pack size and weight, when I suddenly thought "Call yourself a bushcrafter? You should be making it on site!". I'd remembered one of recent Ray Mears programmes when he made a coracle with young branches and a large hide...
  13. arctic hobo

    Ever wondered what firesteel sparks look like?

    Was messing about practicing firelighting yesterday and I wondered what firesteel sparks would be like on long exposure. The answer is, like this: A bit of fun. I think they are quite stylish myself - the middle one is my desktop :cool:
  14. arctic hobo

    Where to buy Biltong

    Does anyone know anywhere in the southwest or online where I can buy Biltong? I was relying on my butcher but he doesn't have any... was rather counting on it for my trip next week. Can anyone offer any assistance?
  15. arctic hobo

    Making a fife

    Being an ex-fife (and flute) player I've always really liked the idea of making one myself. I know Elder is supposed to be the thing to use, but beyond that, I'm not too sure. I can tune it fine when finished, but the matter of just getting the holes in the right place to start with is a bit of...
  16. arctic hobo

    Snow holes

    The year after next I'm hoping to spend the a lot of the winter outdoors. This includes sleeping, and as I'm hoping to do it in Norway and it gets kind of cold there it means snowholes or igloos. From experience I've found they rarely go below -10 celsius, which reduces your sleeping kit quite a...
  17. arctic hobo

    Group purchase of Woodland

    Just an idea ;) See the "46 acres" thread for more :)
  18. arctic hobo

    SOS Food

    My plans for the summer have been hit by a wildcat strike - my local Aga owners (parents) have refused to let me use it as a dehydrator. My (recently vege) flatmate refuses to let me dehydrate food in our flat either. My only feasible option (given I have to dehydrate 56 very large meals) seems...
  19. arctic hobo


    Just found this stuff on the net... beer powder!! It sounds absolutely awful, but who knows, it could be good... anyone ever used it?
  20. arctic hobo

    Protection/hunting piece

    I know that this is no firearms forum, but I'm looking to get into the market for a small arm that will act primarily as a protection piece for bears but could at a pinch be used for hunting, if only at short range. I will want to be taking it around various countries with doubtless differing...