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  1. Highfield

    Ogk camp bed material help?

    Hi everyone I would like to make the OGK Swedish/Danish? Camped. The 1960s vintage one. It has the wind up tensioner. I can have a go at the wood construction but does anybody know where I could buy high quality cotton/linen canvas for the material? I also need to replace the material on 3...
  2. Highfield

    What's in the box?

  3. Highfield

    My two Bushbuddies!

    So this is the bushbuddy....with Tatonka? . . Well it looks it up... Gettin a boil now!
  4. Highfield

    Wooden camping box.

    Since becoming a member of this forum my interest in woodwork has been renewed. I have made quite a few bits which I meant to show as they were completed but never got round to it. It is great to see people making their own gear.... so Thankyou :) Saw Uncle Ray using a wooden dovetailed box...