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  1. WolfRock83

    Can you flush sphagnum moss down the toilet?

    Asking for a mate... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. WolfRock83

    Planning Wild Camping in Norway (Alesund)

    Hi All, I’ve just found out I have a business trip to Alesund in June. The meeting finishes on a Friday lunchtime so I am thinking about booking my flight back for the Sunday giving me two nights to play around without having to pay for any travel [emoji2]. Has anybody got any experience of...
  3. WolfRock83

    Has anyone modded a Hennessy Hammock?

    I have the Hennessy Expedition bottom entry model with the four season supershelter kit. In my opinion, having tried a few others, it can’t be beaten for comfort however setup and entry is really quite a faff when compared to some others. I looking at getting rid of the standard ropes and...
  4. WolfRock83

    Trip Report Last weekends camp

    Managed to get out last weekend in a little bit of woodland near me that I have permission to camp in. Had a bit of a disaster getting the fore going but it other than that it was a good night! Had my first go at making a video as well. Fair few mistakes but it got me used to the editing...
  5. WolfRock83

    Hello from Essex

    Hi, Dave here from Essex. Into wild camping, traditional skills, long distance walking and a bit of leatherwork. Haven’t been out much recently as I have a little boy who has just turned one but I have made a resolution to spend a lot more time outdoors this year and am aiming for at least...