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  1. Jinsin456

    Uncle Alberts big Send off

    Right guys we need another meet. How does Glentrool 21st - 23rd March suit everyone?
  2. Jinsin456

    Heads Up Cheap Craghoppers Gear

    M and M direct are doing a good sale of Craghoppers, I just got fleece lined trousers for £20 and a micro fleece for £10 :) They're also advertising discount code HD30 for free delivery. No connections to company etc etc was just a random find :D
  3. Jinsin456

    Best Trip of 2013

    With the end of the year coming I felt like this would be a good time to start a thread that I think I started in 2011 and forgot about last year (Hence being early this year :lmao:) What has everyone's best trip of 2013 been? I would have to say that my best would have to be finally...
  4. Jinsin456

    Need Help with Boots

    Right I'm having a major dilemma, I need new walking boots and I don't know what to get :-/ I want them for probably hiking when hiking trainers aren't really appropriate so must be waterproof and possibly insulated. Plan to do some hills and backpacking so must be comfortable. In a nutshell I...
  5. Jinsin456

    Arran Overnighter

    A few of us are going over to Arran on Saturday (19-10-2013) for a wee overnighter. Nothing really set in stone as to times or where we are staying but afaik we're leaving to try and get the 9.45am (Or thereabouts, can't remember exact time) ferry over to Arran from Ardrossan, spend the day on...
  6. Jinsin456

    Vango Banshee 200 & DD Frontline Hammock

    Gauging a bit of interest in these two items to see if I really want to get rid of them. First up is the Vango Banshee 200, been used maybe half a dozen times but in very good condition, no holes etc and always stored dry. Only tiny thing wrong with it is that the stiitching for one of the...
  7. Jinsin456

    First Solo Camp, Arran & Goatfell

    Was over in Arran at the weekend and finally got round to my first solo camp :D I camped about a mile outside Brodick on the beach and it was awesome really enjoyed the peace of being alone. I also managed to light my first fire with a fire steel and all natural materials, I usually either use...
  8. Jinsin456

    Trip Around Arran

    This is very short notice but I was asked if I wanted to climb Goatfell on Arran on Saturday and spend the night in Glen Rosa campsite returning on Sunday. Sounds fine :) The more I think about this though the more there is potential for an adventure as I can probably leave on Friday morning...
  9. Jinsin456

    First Time Canoeing on White Water

    Went out last week in the canoe and had my very first white water trip and really enjoyed it :) We were on the lower section of the River Doon which runs from just outside a village called Minishant to the sea at at a town called Ayr. This section of the river is about 8 miles and I believe is...
  10. Jinsin456

    Helsport Kongsvold 8-10 Lavvu

    Hi guys does anyone have any experience of this Lavvu? Barn Owl and I are looking for a good size Lavvu for a family camping holiday and have found that we can get these delivered from for just a shade over £280 each which seems a really good price :D Cant really find any reviews...
  11. Jinsin456

    My New Youtube Channel :)

    Hi guys, I've been thinking about trying to document my adventures in some way shape or form for some time now so I've started a Youtube channel which is going to be full of videos of trips and adventures and probably reviews as well. I have just uploaded a tasted video of what to expect over...
  12. Jinsin456

    Newbie With SLR at Culzean, Scotland (Pic Heavy)

    I've finally went and bought myself a DSLR camera :D. I don't claim to be any good at this but I think for really my first time on full manual mode I done not too bad, getting to grips with the settings but I've been told by everyone so far it's a case of trial and error hence why there are...
  13. Jinsin456

    We Having a Night Out This Year?

    Right guys, as of January I am officially on detox for a month so no drink for the whole of January (Maybe) so we need to get something organised for between Christmas and New Year, it's been far too long since we have seen each other and I'm missing the usual standard of high brow banter...
  14. Jinsin456

    First Solo Paddle :D

    I decided that tonight would be a good night to have my first ever solo canoe paddle. I got about an hours paddle round about Loch Doon and loved every second of it :). The views were breathtaking and the water was like glass. Hopefully this will be the first of many :D Anyways here's some pics
  15. Jinsin456

    Finnarts Bay

    Had a great time at Finnarts Bay just outside Cairnryan at the weekend with the Scotland south brigade. I think we have all slightly forgotten about the forum since our wee Facebook phase, including myself so I thought I would post some of my pictures from the weekend on here for everyone to...
  16. Jinsin456

    My Newest Toy :D

    Finally buckled over the last couple of weeks and treated myself to a Nova Craft Prospector SP3. Only thing I an say is why did I wait so long?? Got a wee shot last night at Loch Bradan in the Galloway Forest and loved it :D Only got a few pics as it was my first real time paddling so didn't...
  17. Jinsin456

    Air Rifle

    Hi guys just testing the water here, I'm after a fairly decent air rifle preferably BSA .22 calibre and with a sight attached. Let me know if you have anything? Cheers Scott
  18. Jinsin456

    Galloway forest overnighter

    Have been meaning to post this since last week but better late than never. Last week cutchy, bigdaddytemps and I had a wee overnighter in the Galloway forest so here's some pics :) Decided to hang two hammocks using one tree :) Was a great night although very cold until I went to my...
  19. Jinsin456

    Anyone Fancy a Sneaky Overnighter on Friday?

    It's been a while guys and girls and me and Cutchy are heading for an overnighter somewhere on Friday. Not too sure where yet preferably Galloway forest or thereabouts details to be confirmed. Everyone welcome :D
  20. Jinsin456

    My New Toy :)

    Got a new toy last weekend and thought its about time I posted up some pictures, haven't managed to get any great ones yet and my photobucket is playing up :( but I'll update when I do here's some anyway though :D Pic from when I bought it And after tonight's wee adventure :)