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  1. Oliver G

    Time to get legless

    Good Afternoon All, I've just received the dinky little Petromax FT1 that I bought from Knives and tools and was surprised to see that it came with legs, I called the company up and they were just as surprised as me as I ordered a flat bottomed one and they don't even stock the legged version...
  2. Oliver G

    Carrying a bow

    Good Afternoon All, I'm hoping to tap into the hive mind here. I've recently picked up a takedown bow which is great. I can set up a little range where I normally go camping, but the issue is getting the bow there safely. I'm currently using the 45 litre bergan with rocket pouches on, does...
  3. Oliver G

    Dairy Free Cheese Fondue

    Good Afternoon All, I treated myself to a little FT1 dutch oven which should arrive soon. I plan on doing a fondue with a couple of mates while we're out but I want to do a quick trial at home just to check out the dutch oven more than anything else, At home we're gluten and dairy free, has...
  4. Oliver G

    Wanted - Under Blanket

    Good Afternoon All, I'm looking to move up from the ground to hammocking. Does anyone have an under blanket suitable for a DD camping hammock? I've got a British Army Bivvy Bag and Basha that I'm willing to swap, both in a used condition but work perfectly fine. Cheers, Ollie
  5. Oliver G

    MOD Modifications

    Good Afternoon All, I've been told by the other half that I need to take myself and the dog out of the way this weekend while she paints the bathroom, so my plan is to take the dog for a nice run in the morning and then we can chill in the basement (she likes the cold floor). Now i have all my...
  6. Oliver G

    The Humble Sandbag

    I went out this weekend with my little brother in law, he's not got much in the way of kit so I loaded him up with my spare kit, he gave me a rather quizzical look when I handed him a sandbag. Now sandbags are something I've carried since I was young and got chewed out for not having one on my...
  7. Oliver G

    Insulative properties of bark and funnels

    Good Morning All, I've been mulling over a particular problem which is how to easily fill a water bag from the billy can without spilling water everywhere. I have a sea to summit bag tap type affair (Think MSR dromedary) and the orifice is about an inch and a half which combined with a 14cm...
  8. Oliver G

    Lixada and Trangia

    Good Afternoon All, I treated myself to a trangia meths burner for my next trip, I plan on using home dehydrated food so I wanted a long slow cook. My current set up is one of the large Lixada wood burning boxes and a 14cm billy can and a crusader set for quick brews. So my question is this...
  9. Oliver G

    Fixing a daysack above a belt (Molle)

    So I've done the annual lets see what happens if I try and fit all my kit into one sensible bag and lo and behold it all fits into my 45 litre patrol pack and a couple of side pouches. (Turns out there's loads of space when you don't have to worry about ammo and radios) Now the main issue I'm...
  10. Oliver G

    Leather Pouches

    Good Morning all, I'm dipping my toe into the world of leather craft. I've started by changing the MOD knife sheath from a left hand draw to a right and it seems to have gone well. For my next project I want to do a small pellet pouch for an air pistol, has anyone had experience with these...
  11. Oliver G

    Going away from green

    Good Morning All, I demobbed quite some time ago and, while tidying the basement came to the realisation that most of the kit that I use for bushcraft / camping is a mix of DPM and MTP. While this kit is good for not being seen, and therefore not getting unrequested additional breathing holes...
  12. Oliver G

    Earthing hammocks

    Good Afternoon all, This may be an odd question but has anyone had to earth their hammocks? I stitched in some loops on my SP jungle bag to I could use it as an under quilt and with me scuffling about I'm generating quite a lot of static, first found this out when I zapped my wife as she...
  13. Oliver G

    Shock Cord Loops

    Good Morning All, I'm planning on using my snugpak Jungle bag as an impromptu underquilt while trying hammocking. The general plan at the moment is to; at the foot and head ends run a short loop of shock cord and hoop that over the top and bottom of the tarp. Along the sides I want to put 3...
  14. Oliver G

    Hammock Tips

    Good Morning All, Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to next weekend's meet up, but hopefully I'll be able to make it to the next one. Could I ask the regulars a favour? I'm normally a ground dweller but I wouldn't mind giving hammocking a shot, I have a DD camping hammock that pops...
  15. Oliver G

    Withdrawn - Tarp for Tarp

    Good Afternoon All, I'm looking to downsize my tarp, I currently have an olive DD hammocks 4x4, I'm looking to swap for a 3x3, preferably in multicam or coyote. The tarp is rarely used as it's too big to lug around for a solo trip. Kind regards, Ollie Edited to include colour
  16. Oliver G


    Good Afternoon All, I'm looking for advice on installing eyelets, I've recently treated myself to a DD magic carpet with the intention of folding it in half and using it as a ground sheet for my inflatable roll mat to prevent punctures and as an admin area prior to sleeping. If I fold it in...
  17. Oliver G

    Weekend Bimble

    Good Morning All, I'm going for a little bimble this weekend as I have not been out for quite a while. The general plan is to walk from mine to the in-laws (50km) and sharpen up a few skills. My aim is to set up camp while it is still light (I usually set-up after dark and set off before...
  18. Oliver G


    Good Morning All, I bought some NRG-5 last night (beer may have been involved in the decision making process) with the idea that it would be handy to row into my bergan and forget about it so there's always be something there. Has anyone tried these before, if so what are they like? It looks...
  19. Oliver G

    Year Round Wines

    Good Afternoon All, I'm sure this has probably been done to death but here we go. Can anyone recommend what would be the best base for a wine for each month of the year? I've got a elderberry wine on the go at the moment and I thought it would be interesting to make 12 wines over 12 months...
  20. Oliver G

    Poncho Woes

    Good Morning All, I have an old 58 pattern poncho which did my fine during my college years but I it cast away for a few years in favour of a Basha I "acquired" while in the OTC. Cut forward to last month I was contemplating the best way to go wild camping with my dog an I had in my mind that...