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  1. TeeDee

    Corn Bread Recipes

    Anyone have some Corn Bread Recipes? I'm a bit of a fan. Maybe with some nice things included.
  2. TeeDee

    Wool Bush Shirt - Kamouflage Ltd

    Not seen it in person but maybe of interest to some here.
  3. TeeDee

    Looking for a Long Wooden Handle/Stave.

    I've just purchased a Cheapo Cold steel Bushman which I'm intending to Mod/hack into a bit of a Foraging tool. When ever I seem to come across a choice Fungus or Group of fruit / nuts it seems that they are located quite some way from my stumpy legs and I'm no longer built for sprightly scaling...
  4. TeeDee

    Are Good Manners Dying?

    Bit of a venting topic I guess. Do people feel Manners are as much in common parlance as they used to be or is there use getting less and less? They seem to be used as much as people use their Indicators on Roundabouts..... P and Q's !!!! And Gratitude's if someone does you a good turn -...
  5. TeeDee

    Peace Pipe Tomahawk

    I have a Cold steel Tomahawk I'm in the process of turning into a drilled Peace Pipe / Tomahawk suitable for using as a Pipe for smoking Tobacco. Now , does anyone know if these things were a novelty type item for the First Nation people or in common usage? By obviously drilling the handle...
  6. TeeDee

    Wild Gage Fruit Dessert

    Wild Gage Fruit Jelly on a Blood Orange Liquer infused Chocolate Biscuit Base with Pickled Pomegranate seeds and a dashing of Creme Fraiche.
  7. TeeDee

    Any men on TRT ?

    Long shot and more prevalent in the states but I thought I would ask. Any men here on or tried TRT?? Feel free to PM me.
  8. TeeDee

    Espalier Trained Fruit Trees.

    I have a long boundary edge that would allow the planting of a few Fruit Trees but planted in a Trained Espalier style. My question is , do certain Fruit species benefit or produce more from being trained in a forced Espalier way or rather do some species suffer from being trained? Or does it...
  9. TeeDee

    Close..... But No Cigar.

    Just sharing for peoples interest. I have the occasional dabble on the National Lottery and sometimes the Euromillions - I like having the ticket in my wallet for the reason that up until I actually check the Ticket my subconscious suggests to me that there is an Element of Hope in my life...
  10. TeeDee

    C-O-T-W Ketchup with Polenta Chips.

    Upcycled some left over bits of C-O-T-W into a Ketchup/dipping sauce , made some Garlic Herb covered Polenta Chips in the Air Fryer to go with it.
  11. TeeDee

    Board Game Suggestions.

    Can Anyone give me a suggestion of a decent Boardgame to purchase? Not something to in depth and intricate - Settlers of Cataan. But equally something that will be entertaining and not too dumbed down for adults. TIA
  12. TeeDee

    Conkers - Coffee?

    Got me some Conkers because I believe I saw a post about turning them into Coffee Substitute. Before I start poisoning myself - did I imagine this ? Can Conkers become ' Coffee '??
  13. TeeDee

    Acorn & Cinnamon Cookie

    Acorn & Cinnamon Cookie topped with either Yellow Gage reduced Puree or Wild Cherry Puree, surrounded by edges of Marscapone piped cheese.
  14. TeeDee

    Mountain ( International ) Rescue.

    Suddenly , I want to be a Mountain Rescue Air Trooper.
  15. TeeDee

    Acorn Pizza with Chicken Of The Woods Topping.

    Acorn Flour Pizza Base topped with Chicken-Of-The-Woods Mushroom on a rich Hawthorn Berry ketchup reduction. Spikes of Hazelnut & Stinging Nettle Seed Pesto. Basil To Garnish. Egg centralised for Centrifugal Ballast. :)
  16. TeeDee

    Yellow Gage

    Again , the local supermarket planting scheme has impressed me. There is a Yellow Gage tree rampantly abundant in fruit. What can I make with it?
  17. TeeDee

    Ferro Rod Thingys.

    I thought we may have a bit of a compare & contrast possible review of Ferro Rods & Associated gizmos. Photos of the items or links would help. We have all I'm sure, purchased and used a fair few in our time and have formed opinions about what does and doesn't work. So who remembers or...
  18. TeeDee

    Wind Up Torches

    Have Wind Up Torches come on anywhere in terms of output and reliability ? I used to have a High Capacitor unit I purchased second hand ( forget the name ) but it was mediocre at best and failed sometime after. So, any Torch fans capable of shining a light on this?
  19. TeeDee

    What Three Words

    Just wondering who here now uses What Three Words ? Anyone have it installed
  20. TeeDee

    Archery Bow

    Just picked up a second hand Archery Straw Boss ( think thats the right term ) . I have plenty of space with secure dead stops and no neighbours in the Garden. What suggestions for a Beginner Bow should I be looking for? Quickes Archery is just up the road from me...