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    For Sale A bit of a clearout

    I need to make some room on my boat, so here are a few things i no longer need. All are 100% working and the prices include paypal and postage. Moving around on a boat it may be a couple of days before i can post them unless they go soon as i'm moored up fairly close to a post office...
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    Karrimor jaguar iv help needed.

    I've just bought an old karrimor jaguar iv rucksack, I think it may be from the early 80's. It's made from what looks like a waterproof material and green in colour. It's also in fantastic condition, almost as new, except for the waist belt buckle. The one side is broken. Does anybody know where...
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    Optimus 111

    Just given this it's first firing since rebuilding it. It roars. It's been completely stripped, new seals, new n.r.v, new leather washer, given three coats of primer, three coats of Ford Olympic blue paint and lots of coats of lacquer.Although you can't see it there's a piece of stove rope in...
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    Woodbear knives

    I like the look of the woodbear rogue bear knife. Has anybody got one and what do you think of it ? Thanks.
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    Stoves, my new hobby.

    I haven't posted in awhile, been too busy. So I thought I'd put a coup!e of pics up to show what I've been up to. These are the first two finished I've still got another two 111s, three 8rs one 8 and a Russian clone to go at. Its really satisfying bringing these old beauties back to life...
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    first attempt at a sewing kit.

    I had a spare piece of yew so i thought i'd have a go at one of these. The main body is yew the rest is oak. Fairly satisfied for a first attempt, but i'll be making a few changes on the next one.
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    Wooden tinder box

    Just finished turning this. It's made from amazique. I am waiting for some more to arrive so that i can make a cap for the lens. I've got some oak and spalted beech so i will be making some more. 20mb image hosting free image hosting
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    First staff of the year.

    This staff has an ash shaft with an oak top. The spacers are leather and brass. The head is fixed to the shaft with a piece of 8mm stainless steel bar and the antler tips with a piece of 6mm stainless steel bar. A couple more coats of wax/oil and it's ready to go.
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    One staff, two thumbsticks.

    Just finished these. The one on the left is ash with plaited leather and an antler toggle. It's got a button compass in the top. The middle one is ash that's been stained and sanded a few times with a leather spacer and a mahogany top. The one on the right, also ash, has leather and antler...
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    Oak and ash thumbstick.

    Oak top and ash shaft. The top took a while to do, the grip is a celtic knot and the spacers are leather and copper. It's got an eight mm stainless steel bar insert and glued with two part epoxy. It's been stained and sanded a few times before being given a few coats of boiled linseed oil. A few...
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    5 more staffs

    Just finished these. The one on the left has an ash shaft, antler and leather spacers and a mahogany top. The others are ash and hazel, some with leather handles. The one on the right has the points of the compass carved into it. Onto the next batch.
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    Bach rucksack ......any info ? thanks.

    I bought this off ebay last saturday. So far i have found out a little about the company that made it. From the name stamped into the bracket,(The great bach packing and construction company limited), i think it was made in Ireland between 1979 and 1982. Before i email the pics off to the...
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    Blade help required...........

    I'm making a knife from an old file, it's about 3-4 mm thick. I'm happy (ish) with the shape but i am struggling a little with the bevel. Could someone please tell me how far back does the grind go.......i think it's about 8mm is that right ?
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    Bucksaw Mark3

    After watching Chisellers video on my last bucksaw i decided to have another go and change a few things. This one is also made from oak that's been stained and sanded a few times to age it. The windlass doesn't protrude below the cross piece anymore i cut a slot into the cross piece and carved...
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    Bucksaw Mk 2

    I made a couple of bucksaws for a friend on here. This is a copy of the second one i made him, it's made from white oak with brass pins. The blade doesn't fit into the handle as it did in the first one i made, this time it just slips into the leather bag. I think putting a slot into the handles...
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    Not a bad idea.
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    Oak and antler.

    Here's one almost finished that i'm making for myself. I've tried a few new things with this one and some ideas have worked better than others. I like the antler collar and the bark effect, but i didn't like the original colour. I tried to make it look like it had been outside for a couple of...
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    Good firesteel ?

    This is antler and yew. It isn't finished yet i have got to fit a leather thong, a leather washer and a striker on the bottom, I need a good firesteel for it, any ideas ? Thanks.
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    Before and after......

    Here's a pic of an axe head i received through the gift it on thread. It's the one on the bottom right. Uploaded with Here it is now after a bit of a clean up and a sharpen, and yes it is very sharp. I'll have a go at putting a handle on it the weekend and maybe make a sheath...
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    Ageing oak, help required.

    I've got a beautiful oak staff that i'm working on at the moment and i would like to try and age it. I usually make my sticks out of ash or hazel so this is a bit of a rareity for me and don't want to spoil it. What i would like is for it turn that lovely silver colour you see with old railway...